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08-12-11, 03:06 PM
When I started lamictal 5 weeks ago, I was given generic lamotrigine pills made by Teva. My pdoc had told me that Teva were the only ones that were equivalent to the name-brand Lamictal, and that if I ever switched generics, I should let him know, because some of them only have 80% of the medication that Teva lamotrigine and brand name lamictal have.

One week ago I went to a different pharmacy, and was given NorthStar lamotrigine. I titrated up to 75 mgs, so even if it only had 80% availability, I should have felt like I was on a more potent drug, right?

Well, 80% my ***! I've felt like I'm on a completely different med -- and one that barely works. My mood has been all over the place, and has been crashing pretty regularly around 4 pm. Yesterday I was so miserable I wanted to die.

Has anyone else had this happen with lamotrigine? Is there a way I can get a generic med made by a specific manufacturer?

10-06-11, 10:46 PM
Yes! My experience exactly. I called my Mail in Prescription Service and told them about it and told them I found others on the web with the same problem. They told me that North Star was their only supplier at this time. I said that is unacceptable. I spoke with the supervisor and said, "This medication is taken by epilepsy patients and could cause people serious harm. Your company needs to look into this problem or risk some serious legal problems in the future." She called me back the next day and said they were mailing me my original tablets made by Taro. Demand your original generic or have your doctor handle it. I'm sorry, I know exactly how you feel. North Star deserves a class action law suit. You can register a complaint with the FDA at about it. Take care.

jade mermaid
11-17-11, 02:59 PM
I am RIGHT there with you. Except, my 1st lamotrigine was Taro instead of Teva. NorthStar felt like it didn't work at all...depression hit big time. I have a 90 day supply of the NorthStar, so I'm finishing it, but I will be getting Teva as soon as possible.

11-28-11, 12:09 AM
I had Lamictal, then generic lamotrigine. Teva works for me, and has for 3 years. I got some "Dr. Reddy's" from a discount mail-order place, and it didn't work. When I got some "real" lamotrigine I threw away the Dr. Reddy's. This is the first and only time that a generic medicine was a problem for me.

11-29-11, 11:00 PM
At one point I was switched from Lamictal to Mylan's lamotrigine. It was, unfortunately, a disaster; it wasn't quite as effective as the original drug and it made me incredibly ill after each seizure I had. (A note: this had not happened on normal Lamictal.) Needless to say, I was put back on Lamictal very quickly.

08-19-12, 02:04 AM
I've taken Lamictal for many years now and when the generic became available, of course that is what the insurance defaulted to. In less than 60 days and/or 2 refills, my insurance didn't hesitate to approve BRAND NAME ONLY after I developed terrible mouth sores and migraines from generic product. I realize how lucky I am to receive brand name. Good luck.

08-19-12, 04:51 PM
I will let you know. I'm on 50mg at the moment... and going up to 100 this week.

09-02-12, 10:15 PM
I took lamotrigine for seizures from 2008-Jan 2012, and the generic was controlling it very well. I don't really remember the name of the pharmaceutical companies, but I remember that the 2 companies were based in India.

I'm starting it again from a Lamictal XR starting kit. I'm at 50 mg now :)