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08-14-11, 04:43 AM
Hey guys,

Background: I have been on Adderall for about 10 months now. I was on the IR version 20mg BID for the first 9 months, but my doctor has asked me if I would like to try the XR version (same dose - 20mg BID) and I did. I have been using the XR for the last 30 days and most days I would just take one dose of XR, other days I would take XR and then 10mg IR later, and sometimes I could get away with just using one dose of IR (I do take smaller doses on easier days, so I always have pills leftover so that's why I can supplement the XR with IR).

I have also been on Ambien 10mg for the last 10 months. I have skipped nights though, even several in a row here and there, and there were no real withdrawal symptoms but still prefer to use it because it does help with anxiety at bedtime.

Unfortunatelly, my life recently has really been mess due to circumstances that I have no real control over. As much as I do not want to admit it, I keep obsessing about certain things and this constant worry makes it that much harder to change things for the better.

While I would not classify this as a state of depression (because it is not constant), the fact that things are really bad now and it will be at least 3 months before they get any better, sometimes freezes me in my tracks and I start making mistakes that just prolong this state.

The reason why I am looking into benzodiazepines is because I am looking for just a short term fix for whenever I get into one of these anxious states.

However I do not really know what to expect from benzos as far as the effects. What does it feel like ? Do they just get rid of anxiety, while allowing you to keep working, or do they instead just turn you into a zombie? Are benzos even a good solution for the thing I described?

08-15-11, 01:46 AM
Have you run this by your doc yet (the idea of trying Benzos) ? From what I've heard/read, benzos aren't usually the first meds doctors want to prescribe for anxiety.

They'll probably try to get you on wellbutrin or a SSRI/SNRI before prescribing you a benzo.

An SSRI does sound like it may help you, it's probably worth a try if your doc doesn't give you a benzo. You don't have to be depressed 24/7 to be considered depressed.

08-15-11, 03:19 AM
If it's general anxiety, they may want to try other treatments first, like Xande mentioned. But benzos are still an option.

I was prescribed benzos after a period of extremely intense panics attacks, including one that put me in the ER with nurses convinced I was having a heart attack based on my vitals. I also take Ambien.

I'm prescribed Ativan as needed, and if I'm in full-blown panic attack mode, they just chill me out to normal. If it's more of a brooding/obsessive anxiety, Ativan makes me too groggy to really do much of anything.

08-15-11, 05:40 AM
See my comments in this thread

10-27-11, 01:06 PM
Clonazepam has worked WONDERS for my anxiety. I never thought I could feel "normal" again, or at least anxiety free. I've spent practically my whole life with anxiety, and benzos makes things a lot easier. I'd really recommend talking to your doc about it. Asking for a small dose to take when you're feeling particularly anxious. However, for your situation, I think the "short term fix" thing might lead to you being addicted to benzos. While you're on them, you need to find ways to cope, so you can come off them with no problem.