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08-15-11, 02:56 AM
Hey guys. I haven't been having a ton of luck lately with girls and I think I need tips on my "game". I'm funny, I'm smooth, and I know that girls generally think I'm good looking, but honestly I'm sick of being single haha. Any tips?

08-15-11, 03:30 PM
What I've noticed about relationships among teenagers is that if they weren't ever really close friends and were always dating, it seems kind of awkward and tends not to last long.

Honestly, don't go looking too hard just for girls to date. All the guys I've ever dated have been guys that I was really good friends with and hung out with a lot and it progressed into relationships. When you're already friends, you get to skip all the awkwardness of hanging out at first and you know you have common interests. Never say "hey, i want to date that girl. I'll make her my friend then eventually get her to go out with me." I know it sounds tough, but make friends with people, regardless of gender and not thinking about relationships. If you just naturally start to become interested romantically in one of your friends, it's a lot simpler and feels less forced than when you are only going for a relationship the whole time.

P.S. Go Bruins!