View Full Version : What's the diff between Klonopin, and chlonidine?

08-16-11, 08:40 AM
Hi all...I was recently diagnosed with AD/HD a week ago. My doc , (psychiatrist), prescribed me vyvanse...40mg daily....I can't really tell if it's working or not, but next month I see him, and he said we can up the dose if I can't tell if it's working. Anyways....he has also prescribed me "Chlonidine, 2mg daily....I'm only taking makes me kinda sick. I have also taken Xanax for about 2 yrs..only .5mg daily/ or every other needed basically. I also take buspar, 60 mg daily...and zoloft...was at 150 mg, now he upped me to 200...I don't know, seems like alot?? I do have severe anxiety...all of my life, and I was just wondering what is the diff between chlonidine, and klonopin? Thank you all, I love reading your posts, so informative!

08-16-11, 09:09 AM
Clonidine is a blood pressure med used off label for anxiety sometimes. Klonopin is a benzo same class as xanax.

08-16-11, 09:33 AM
Like Sarah said, they are two different medications entirely.

Clonidine is actually approved to treat ADHD now (marketed as Kapvay), but has been used off-label for this purpose for years (as Catapres or generic). It's also used to help control tics and similar behaviors, and might help with jitteriness that can sometimes come as a side effect of stimulants. The doses are usually 0.1mg-0.4mg but I've heard of doses up to 0.9mg being used. (I'm assuming you meant you were taking 0.1-0.2mg?)

Have you tried taking the clonidine with a meal? That might help with the side effects. If not, you can call your doctor before you go back in a month and maybe s/he will suggest an adjustment.

Since stimulants can sometimes worsen anxiety (though they can also help if the anxiety was ADHD-related), maybe that's why your doctor wanted to increase the dose of Zoloft and add clonidine? I don't know -- it seems worth asking your doctor.

Good luck with the meds, and welcome to the ADHD world! (I mean, officially!)

08-16-11, 11:58 AM
Thank you so much for the clarification.....and yes, I will be talking with my Dr. soon.....oh, and yes, @namazu...I meant0.2mg, (this is what he would like me to take)...I am only taking 0.1....:)

10-21-11, 04:20 PM