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08-17-11, 04:21 AM
The parent thread should be renamed to "Bupropion" instead of "Wellbutrin" ... but anyway.

I was given generic Bupropion SR by Kaiser.
I took it. It was working on my depression in about 4 days. A huge relief from where I was.
Then came the side effects:
I had really tight muscles and ligaments.
I occasionally had a tightness in my chest that is cause for alarm, but it's likely related to the muscle/ligament tightness and not necessarily a heart attack warning.
I had head aches.
I felt nauseous or generally "Ill" the longer I was on it.
I had trouble sleeping at night.
I had crazy dreams that were like reality, only slightly more violent.
I had a dry/sore throat feeling.

Then I persuaded my doctor to perscribe Aplenzin to me. She thought it was a joke, because in her mind Bupropion is Bupropion, no matter how you adminster it.

I payed several hundred dollars for my first month's supply of the lowest does of Aplenzin.

I immediately noticed that my side effects went away. Being a sceptic, I waited for them to return. They didn't. The only side affect I have on Aplenzin is a little dryness in the mouth/throat. I drink some water.

This should be a praise on high success story, but Aplenzin is not covered by Kaiser because they say there is a "Generic Equivalent" I could take. Well, there is none. I don't know if its the magic of their different Hydrobromide salt that makes it way better, or if generic Bupropion SR is just terrible for some other reason. But staying on Aplenzin will cost me several thousands of dollars a year, vs about $50 for Kaiser generics.

Anyone else tried Aplenzin and other Bupropion formulas?

08-23-11, 01:47 PM
I've not liked my WXL generic. Although I cannot say that I've had those side-effects your describing (just dry mouth).

By the way, I don't think that the price vaires on dosing. You mentioned that you got the 'lowest dose Aplenzin' but I don't think it matters one way or another.

I'm actually planning on swapping to aplenzin today. I've been disappointed with the switch from brand WXL to generic; it has caused me a lot of anxiety and doesn't seem to be remotely effective for ADD, even exacerbting it, I would say.