View Full Version : sweat and daytrana?

08-18-11, 11:43 PM
i've been taking vyvance 70 mg, after going through all the stims currently available, however after a week , even vyvance only lasts 9-10 hours. so now i'm thinking dayrana, i understand it can lasts from 6:00am to 20:00.
i'm also taking lustral 200 mg for ocd ticks of pilling the crap out of my fingers.

my concern is however .. sweat, i tend to sweat. i'm 6'3 237 pounds male. on hot summer days i can just stand in a non a/c room, and start "leaking" drives me bonkers , so i was wondering what happens to the patch in cases of sweat?

09-16-11, 11:40 AM
I know you posted this a month ago and you've probably already made a decision, but just in case anyone else has the same question, I was on Daytrana for a few weeks and never had any trouble with it coming off. You stick it on your hip, which for me at least, isn't a very sweaty area (and I'm a fairly sweaty guy, too).

I will say that I'm not as big a fella as you are (5'10" 175) but the 20 mg Daytrana really didn't do much for me. All the literature talks about using it for kids and adolescents, so if they tested the dosage on kids, it may not be as effective for adults.

After a couple of weeks I just went back to my leftover Vyvanse. Interestingly, my Vyvanse worked better and lasted longer than it was before I tried the Daytrana, so maybe a little break was good for me.