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08-19-11, 05:00 AM
We were talking about diets one time and my friend mentioned to me a lettuce diet where you eat nothing but lettuce for a couple of weeks and then you get your results. I thought she was just taking the mickey when I laughed but then she claimed that she was serious and that she was doing the diet.
I wasnt convinced until I witnessed her eating nothing but lettuce and I was confused.
Has anyone actually been on a lettuce diet, I can understand how it can be like a short term fix for weight loss but I think I would go nuts on it.

08-19-11, 09:26 AM
It's a stupid thing to do. It vastly reduces the amount of calories you consume, so you get some weight loss, while still allowing you to eat something and feel like you ate.

And then your body goes, "Oh God, I'm starving! I'd better save every little calorie I can find!" And in a couple of weeks, when she goes off the lettuce diet, she's probably going to gain back everything she lost. Maybe more.

There are calculators online that can figure out how many calories you need to get to a goal weight (gained or lost) in a period of time. Use them and fill your quota with real food.

And That's How I Lost 30 Pounds.

Also, vegetables of many colours. Seriously, you'd be better off eating nothing but beets, beans, bran, and broccoli than lettuce. That's still highly unbalanced but at least you're getting some vitamins, fibre, and protein.

08-19-11, 10:28 AM

May I make a couple of suggestions about diet.

Go to (non profit and free) or one of several other sites to determine how many calories you can allow yourself for your weight loss plan. I set mine up to lose one # per week.

Set up a daily log. livestrong has one as well as a food databank.

Get a *good* kitchen scale and weigh your food. This is the only way you can really determine how many calories you are consuming.

I have lost 30# this way and am within 5# of my goal.

The big thing is that you can choose what to eat as long as it fits within your calorie count.

An important factor, you change your eating habits. It is quite a shock at times to discover how many calories some of my favorite foods had. I found substitutes that allowed me to eat all I needed but still lose weight.

The other thing is to be honest with yourself. It does not matter what goes on your log but what goes into your stomach.

Keep in mind that this is a long term solution with life changes. You are much more apt to lose and maintain your goal weight with this approach.

Also, as mentioned, your body will tell you that you are starving at times when you are losing weight. This is simply a survival mechanism and you just have to expect it and ride through it. Also you will hit plateaus where the weight will not drop. One of mine held on for about two weeks then dropped 4# within a couple of days. You just never know how your body will operate.

Finally, forgive yourself when you blow your goal for the day. "OK, yesterday I blew my goal so now I will make today a better one. Trust me, some days you will do this. The trick is just to keep on keeping on with your diet. You will get there.

Good luck, it is doable.


08-19-11, 01:48 PM
I plateaued at 143 pounds for 3 years. :confused: But mostly I wasn't trying at that point.

I only really seriously dieted for 6 months, which got me 5 pounds under the "overweight" line. After that... gained 5 pounds immediately and was really sick of steamed vegetables, chicken breast, and plain rice... and then I just ate right, more or less, until I got where I was going.

08-19-11, 02:07 PM
Adding lettuce or any other leafy greens to your diet is a good idea...but eating nothing but one type of leaf for days on end? Really bad idea.

08-19-11, 02:25 PM
Lettuce has almost no nutritional value and is mostly just water. So you're basically just starving your body of any nutrients.

Daily exercise and regular/homemade eating habits is the key for losing weight.

08-19-11, 03:52 PM
On top of and adding to what everyone has already said, a diet like that will not only make her loose fat fast but she will also loose muscle. If you loose muscle you will look flabby and giggly even if you are skinnier.

08-25-11, 12:56 AM
Are you serious?

08-25-11, 03:03 AM
I too am on the lettuce diet. It involves my dear, loyal cow named lettuce.