View Full Version : University of Turbochica Haiku:Personal Growth

08-23-11, 11:44 AM
I think that Haiku's are so much fun, and I am becoming
addicted to them. How about you?

well I thought I would start a couple of themed threads to give focus to our writing
If you need to be reminded of how to write one go to this link:

Lets Haiku about the journey we travel in Personal Growth here

08-23-11, 12:45 PM
You won't give me love
I will find it for myself
I will love myself

08-27-11, 10:49 PM
Thanks for the green spot
Can't send a message to you
So I'll tell it here:)

08-27-11, 10:51 PM
Foot falls on my face
It feels like hot sandpaper
Please move to your side