View Full Version : Automated revision organiser project. Ideas and feedback?

08-24-11, 04:39 PM
Hey guys,
I'm not sure if this is entirely the correct place, but i'll try to explain anyway.

Basically, whenever i'm trying to do revision, i used to do a 'revision time table' to plan it all. This would work relatively well in keeping me somewhat on track. When i removed the time table it all just went to pot.

Now the problem with doing a 'time-table' is that when it doesn't go to plan and i miss out something, wake up late or go to bed late or w.e. It throws the thing out of whack and i have to spend time re-organising it.

So, my aim is to create a self-organiser program, specifically aimed at those with ADHD. You input a list of tasks, grant it importance, and a deadline and it will calculate when to complete it by and when to do the tasks. I want it to be tasked based, rather than time based and by this i mean it will generate tasks needed for the day and you just tick them off when done, however I will have it suggest the time of day etc in which to be done. Things such as the importance and deadline of tasks will need to be taken into consideration. Flexability is a must with the system.

I'm going to start it as a revision organiser, and then hopefully expand it further to for example, a phone app. The phone app will help with every days tasks, for example remembering to buy things at the shops - it will take your gps location and once you arrive at the shops, will send you a message to remember to buy xyz.

Does anyone think this a good idea? Could anyone offer some suggestions and things they feel would help them with an organiser?