View Full Version : Pictures at an Execution

09-16-04, 12:42 AM
Here’s me lost in your laughter

Here’s me listening to you love that country

Here’s me hearing about your new foreign friend

Here’s me when you say she is jealous

Here’s me when you tell me she loves you

Here’s me while you take her to meet your family

Here’s me when you say she wants to marry you

Here’s me when you say you don’t love her

Here’s me when you tell me her visa expires soon

Here’s me when you consider wedding, so she could stay

Here’s me when she wants to move out of her place

Here’s me when you say she can move in with you

Here’s me realizing she has a plan

Here’s me wondering how long her eyelashes are

Here’s me when you decide you will marry her

Here’s me feeling faint

Here’s me running out of hope

Here’s me surrounded by dark clouds

Here’s me coloured gray

Here’s me disappearing in the rain

09-16-04, 12:55 AM

Very nice. :(

09-16-04, 01:02 AM
thanks, man.


09-16-04, 01:03 AM
argorama, nice poem there

09-16-04, 06:53 PM
what a sweet, sad poem C.S...really nice.