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08-31-11, 06:28 PM
The Virelay has no fixed meter, but does have a rhyming scheme and is written in interlinking quatrains.

It alternates, first line is long, second line is short all the way through the poem.

There is no limit of the number of stanzas but the last stanza’s 2nd and 4th verse must rhyme with the first stanza’s 2nd and 4th verse.

Pattern of a Virelay:


09-02-11, 10:32 AM
Approaching Dawn

Slender sunrays stretch out across the land
Bringing the light of day
As a soft simmering glow crosses the sand
Creating a sparking array.

Assorted birds awaken and begin to play
Echoing loudly with song
While frolicking seals, come home to lay
Surfing the waves so strong.

Nocturnal mammals slowly lumber along
Returning home to sleep
While out at sea, the shipping buoy’s gong
As night slows to a creep.

Waves rise becoming strong and steep
Livening up the calm bay
Before winds blow and slowly sweep
The dark shadows away.

Trish MacQueen

09-02-11, 11:33 AM
Behold the dawn, I say to thee
And may it light your heart
And may the darkness turn and flee
Gone like a speeding dart

And as my words go out to thee,
and listening is good
Forget not whence the light has come
And make that thine souls' food

And as the day draws to a close, and the dark begins to brood
Have no fear now for the night
For thou hast learned that the light is good
And shall bring thee only right

What lesson shall we draw from this?
Assuming we are smart.
All comes to pass, what was and is
If we but dare to start.

09-02-11, 11:39 AM
I want to participate in all of these TC, but I don't have the time.:(

09-02-11, 01:33 PM
I want to participate in all of these TC, but I don't have the time.:(
I understand Anon :)