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09-01-11, 04:42 PM
I know this is off topic but how many ADHD adults older than say 18 Remember the sensation Mortal Kombat was about 20 years ago.

Any ADHD adult still play it or any of it's sequels.I just got a hold of it on Xbox 360 along with the arcade versions of MK 2 and 3. I know it certainly did help in making a generation of kids more violent LOL.

But you have to admit ether man or women that Mortal Kombat was pretty cool back in the day even if it was depraved, disgusting and inappropriate.

Ah good times LOL. :) I think I'm gonna go play some now. But what's your opinion of it love it or hate it? Heck I even thought the movie version was pretty entertaining.Just with less gore but only the first one I hate the sequel of the movie.LOL

I don't even know why I loved the first three games so much cause in real life I'm totally not into violence at all.I'm like the nicest person especially being a man you could meet. But I just loved these games.LOL

09-01-11, 04:58 PM
I loved Sub-zero. He was my favorite. Then, there was the dude who said, "Get over here!"

09-01-11, 05:15 PM
That was Scorpion

Sub Zero was the easiest to beat the bosses with, until they downgraded him in MK 4 (when you hit an iced person only a small fraction of their health decreased)

Liu Kang was overall cool for an easy, laid back game. Noob Saibot's backbreaker move was also a sure winner.

09-01-11, 06:01 PM
I LOVE MORTAL KOMBAT! i used to play Mortal Kombat Trilogy for N64 when i was 4 with my brother. we never figured out how to do the fun stuff like fatalities, special moves, or the other -alities. kinda lame i guess, but we had fun kicking and punching the crap out of each other's characters. we did find out the cheat to open the blue and red '?' menus and how to play as shao kahn or motaro. i still play it for a laugh. i preordered the new one with Reptile Klassic code, ****ing awesome game. but now i have to wait for the sequel to come out.

hate to say but i almost wonder if playing violent games like MKT, Turok 64, Perfect Dark 64, and Goldeneye 007 as a youngun may have desensitized me to violence. NOT THE BAD WAY. like i can stand any kind of gore or dismemberment in movies and games for example, unless it is so ungodly over the top gore it's disturbing, like movies by ToeTag Pictures of Plot Digger Films, can barely sit through without wincing for their ungodly gore deaths. the only blood and guts i cant take are my own in real life, like i had an ingrown nail removed and about half my whole nail with it, i woke up the next morning to soak it like i was told and just couldnt look at myself. it's different when it's you.

mortal kombat is AWESOME!

09-01-11, 09:41 PM
LOVE! Whether you're a true gamer or a button-masher, Mortal Kombat has something for everyone. I had two kitties, one was named Raiden and the other was named Noob. I was not real impressed with Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe. No blood? really? c'mon folks! The new one is really good though!

09-01-11, 10:52 PM
I was 8 when the MK movie came out. I thought it was awesome! I remember Johnny Cage and Scorpion fighting....and I liked Sub Zero.....Raidan...I liked the fights, that's all I remember about the movie...

I actually played the Tekken series more...but I do remember 'Finish Him' and pulling off those really awesome moves

09-02-11, 12:04 AM
I was just playing the new one at my friends house a few days ago and nostalgia'ed.

09-02-11, 11:27 AM
only game that could hold my attention for more than ten minutes, amazing game.

sub-zero FTW

09-02-11, 12:28 PM
Yeah I'm lovin' the Arcade perfect versions of the first 3 right now.:D Those were like The Exorcist of arcade games.Can't wait to play the 2011 version I just haven't bought a copy yet.LOL Here's a TV ad of the first film to really take you back in time.:) Heck this movie has been on video on demand a lot recently mainly Starz and Encore if you have those channels. I got it on VHS but with my cable service I could see it in HD.

09-02-11, 04:58 PM
im sorry man, sega original is and always will be THE BEST!!!!! lol

09-02-11, 07:38 PM
among other things i liked about the mortal kombat movie, were how raiden was such a wise-***, "the fate of billions rests in your hands. hahahaaaa...sorry."
and how when reptile first appears as ninja, the soundbyte from the games goes 'REPTILE'

09-03-11, 07:23 PM
MK2 was my favorite of the first three, though I haven't played much of the third installment. The arcade version is the best, obviously. Some of the MK2 fatalities are rather disgusting.

The Tekken series is great also, though I haven't played it as much and have only played the older games.

Raiden is a good description of a playful cat.

Duke Nukem 3D is another controversial title that I've enjoyed playing in the past. While it wasn't very technologically advanced for the time, it was a well thought out game.

09-03-11, 08:49 PM
Yeah Mortal Kombat II is an excellent game especially the arcade version.I like it best of all the MK games and the first movie to me is like a classic.

As far as video game inspired motion pictures.It to me is the best ever video game adaptation turned movie.

Of course I know a truly great movie. The Dark Knight, Back to the Future, Star Wars, Inception, The Matrix, E.T, Titanic,Rocky, Terminator 2, Ghostbusters,Training day, Gran Torino,Beverly Hills Cop,Avatar, Million Dollar Baby, Malcolm X, Ray, Do The Right Thing,The Shawshank Redemption etc. But it is a classic as far as video game inspired flicks goes.:)

09-06-11, 09:52 AM
hyperman, do u know how to get mortal kombat original on a cell phone...i know they do it with the original donkey kong, lol