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09-02-11, 10:24 AM
I'm looking for studies based on adults. Lots of the studies I've seen are for kids or men.
Any suggestions?
And is there a statistical approved way of combining different percentages for depression? Or calculating risk?

I have ADHD, dyspraxia, possibly/probably cylcothymic, underachieving gifted, female, non-white, and 30 ? I'm looking for a way to analyse my depression risk.

09-02-11, 12:47 PM
There are so many other factors - like support or not from friends/family,
other health issues, job issues, health issues with family members, recent
death in the family, on an on.

I first realized I was suffering from depression when I was 25, my doctor
laughed it off saying it was because I was a stay-at-home-mom. No help.

About age 35 I complained to the same doc about seasonal affective
depression and was told I was just bummed because my birthday is in the
fall. The depression starts in August and I've never cared about my age.

I continued to struggle until I was in peri-menopause. The same doc said
I was too young at 45 to worry about that, and I was probably just
depressed and he put some samples of Prozac in my purse when I said I
didn't want them because I wasn't depressed at that time. *le sigh*

This spring I didn't snap out of my winter funk as usual, and the depression
deepened. My daughter convinced me to start seeing a therapist and a
psychiatrist and try meds at last. They are helping so much I could kick
myself for not accepting them 15 years ago - or for not insisting 35 years
ago that I really needed some help.

09-02-11, 07:45 PM

Page 10 to be exact :cool:




09-02-11, 08:07 PM
if there is one thing that i have become good at over the last decade, by just living.. it's learning how not to be depressed. I know the triggers. It just comes naturally all of a sudden. I was pretty depressed in my late teen years. dang heart breaking first love/hard high school classes

09-02-11, 09:00 PM
I wished I learned how to not be depressed,1 I get to that point its very very hard and difficult to turn it around it seems,especially the negativity and complaining.Im tired of pysche drs nd counselors.Now I know why when people get to there endth degree and do stuff that shocks every 1 I can understand why and how.I go to a job coach because I feel Im treated indifferently been verbally and mentally abused etc.I tell her what goes on.the reply?IM not there Im sorry I dont know what to tell you?! WTF Im thinking then why are you a counselor and why am I here then?My friend went to 1 when he was going thru his big D and I dont mean dallas either.The counselor told him life is like a calling card and when your out of minutes you no longer have any more problems?! WHAT!!??Friend told counselor he was the 1 who needed help and had problems not my friend.He said dont feel too bad half the counselors are the 1s that need help when its all backwards.I told friend what that counselor told you,Now I know why people commit suicide and then its blamed on everything else but the person who was in charge of this person as in the psyche dr or counselor telling and putting these demonizing and damaging thoughts into some 1s head thats possibly unstable.he told me I had a point my buddy said.

09-02-11, 10:33 PM
Barkley says 17 times more likely for depression than nts and I have also heard mention 30% low level chronic depression.

09-02-11, 11:50 PM
I need some chronic Ive been so depressed lately,Had an appointment yesterday w the p doc but didnt feel like going so I canceled it.I see her the 15 and was gonna tell her but No Im no longer telling any of these people jack crap.I talked to friend at work about stopping my meds.He said I seemed calmer on them and he didnt think it was a good idea to stop em being that having adhd .He felt that you cant control adhd w out meds.I dont know if it was exactly what I wanted to hear or not.

09-03-11, 05:52 AM
Reading through these pages, It seems D is very common with us.
In a thread I asked if depression is a coping method used by us, as that is what it feels like.
There were 2 great views on this.
In the related posts underneath, there are wonderful links to these topics with much deep discussion.

09-03-11, 11:10 PM
pretty sure I do have "chronic low level depression" but, i know what will make me painfully depressed and I avoid that. I can live with the low level type.. (clearly)