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09-04-11, 10:51 PM
I have ADHD, and I have always suffered from some sort of an eating disorder.
When I was younger, I was a bit overweight, and my parents never let me live it down. The way they would pressure me to lose weight was to constantly ridicule me and compare my body to the other girls in my age-group and call me disgusting.

Right now, although I am at a normal weight for my height, I have a LOT of fat. Part of this is because I can't seem to control my appetite. I'm constantly eating no matter how full I am. I am also an emotional eater. I eat when I'm really sad or really angry.

I was anorexic last year, but that's only because I took diet pills that controlled my appetite. I literally didn't eat ANYTHING of value. I survived off of the only thing that appealed to me at that point: chocolate, ice cream, and cookies. By not eating, I developed depression and was depressed every single day...but I was also ECSTATICALLY happy because of how thin I was. All good things go away. I built up tolerance to the pills, and I began eating nonstop once more.

I tried many many diets. I don't remember the last time I wasn't on SOME sort of diet. I have a drawer full of various diet pills all of them half empty. All I want is for me to not worry about how fat I am for once and just be CONTENT. But that is the problem with being a girl. We're constantly criticizing our own bodies.

After reading about the side-effects of Adderall, I was very excited to start taking the meds to treat my ADHD, because I would benefit from it in so many ways. I could concentrate and focus better, which would help my grades, and it would also suppress my appetite, which would hopefully help me lose weight. But, alas, the horrible T word strikes again (tolerance), after only three days of being on this!
Maybe it's because of the low dosage (Adderall XR 5mg), or maybe it's because of the tolerance I built up to appetite suppressants over the years, but I'm sad. =[

If any of you is suffering from a dilema similar to mine, please, share your experience and input!
I am just ranting, afterall.

09-05-11, 12:22 PM
I lost a lot of weight on adderall. i also found that when I moved or was in a different environment for some reason the adderall would affect me differently and I would feel less like eating and more depressed. especially going back and forth to college. adderall basically made me anorexic to some extent, never felt like eating but i never felt that i was fat or anything like that.
I was on adderall about 10 years and it still controlled my appetite. I would say the low dosage probably has something to do with it 5mg is not much...

09-05-11, 01:00 PM
How do you feel about doubling the dosage without consulting the doctor?
Do they get angry once you tell them what you've done?
I can't talk to my doctor till tomorrow, and I was thinking of doubling it today to see how it affected my studying.

09-05-11, 01:14 PM
consult your doctor first, never change anything about your meds without your doctors knowledge. its important to have a good relationship with your doctor if he or she tells you its ok to experiment a little with the dosage then by all means do it. I dont know if your doctor will get angry ive had doctors who told me not to do anything without consulting them. my current doctor tells me to go ahead and experiment a little with the dosages and the times i take the meds to find what works best for me.

by the way are you seeing a psychiatrist or just your regular physician? cause that will make a difference too

09-05-11, 05:34 PM
Just my doctor. She recommended I see a psychiatrist, but I wanted to hold off on it for now due to money issues.

09-05-11, 08:14 PM
Hm, about the binge eating, I can totally agree. My parent's never let me live down how much weight I gained during college, etc. I have considered diet pills, but have no idea which ones are good.

I too, like you am constantly eating; bored, sad, annoyed, you name it, I will be eating...

I am not diagnosed, so I really don't have any input on the meds thing.

09-05-11, 08:26 PM
I am also, sadly, really excited about the appetite suppressant qualities of the ADHD meds. I would say that your dosage is really low, tho, and to wait until you see your doctor to up it. The last thing you want is to have your ADHD meds taken away because of misuse. They won't give a stim to someone they feel is using it to lose weight.

The other thing I've heard many people say is that people like us overeat often because of the ADHD. It's a way of curtailing the boredom. So many people lose weight after the appetite-suppressing side of meds wears off, ust because once their ADHD is treatedm, they no longer feel the need to binge. Hope!!

The other thing is that these eating problems are often helped not only by meds but by psychological therapy. If you have access, I recommend it! I will be in a hospital program using CBT soon, and that helps everything from depression to eating disorders to ADHD.

I'm probably setting myself up for disappointment, but I'm hoping to lose a lot of the weight I put on because of SSRI side-effects and binge-eating once I start my ADHD treatment. Here's hoping!

09-05-11, 09:40 PM
I definitely recommend seeing a psychiatrist if at all possible see if you can get your insurance to cover it, it can be well worth it because psychiatrists are the only doctors that really know anything about psych meds

09-06-11, 12:00 PM
I know the 5mg is really low.
Do any of you have a recommendation on how I would go about asking my doctor? Would I just ask her if I could double my current dosage or should I say it a different way?

09-06-11, 12:15 PM
Is it working in terms of your ADHD at that dosage? Because that's the only reason why a doctor is going to up your dosage, to help your ADHD.

09-07-11, 10:14 PM
No it's not.
I feel it helping slightly..but again I can't really tell whether that was a placebo effect or it was the meds working.

I called up my doctor and she wrote me a new prescription for 10mgs a day. I will try this out and see how it goes!

Thank you for your input, by the way. It helped a lot!

So have you not been diagnosed yet?

09-07-11, 10:31 PM
Just started my Ritalin this morning, at 5 mg 3 times a day, to go up after a few days if there are no problems. So far it just makes me feel weird. Only time will tell...

09-10-11, 05:13 PM
Warning, VERY LONG POST!!! Broken up to help get through it all..

Nonstandard disclaimer: I am going to throw in my $.02 and see if I have anything useful to contribute. I would consider my self as having experience in binge-eating but I don't really know if anyone else would call it binge-eating. So, please take my words with a large grain of salt if they do not apply.

The short answer is to figure out the things that trigger you wanting to binge-eat and work out a strategy for limiting your triggers.

The long answer: (with my personal experience included, sorry I can be long winded)
When its gray and and cold outside I start feeling anxious and I end up walking around the house looking for something to eat. When my allergies are acting up and I have sinus draining I feel a little hungry all the time. Also, when I am feeling depressed...I want to eat (or buy something: cloths, tools, gadget). Eating and buying stuff fulfills the fight urge (as in fight or flight stress reaction) and the feeling of needing to do something to fix the way that I am feeling. Food is awesome because it also takes away that 'fear' of being hungry later when I don't have anything to eat laying around (which usually happens because I am eating snack stuff that doesn't actually fill me up.)

So, knowing this there are some things I have tried with some success. As with anything, anything you try can be hard to stick with over a long period of time (especially when your situation changes and you need to readjust), so come up with your own ideas similar to mine to fit your situation, and then keep coming up with other ways to help fight the urge when the old ways start to wear out.

09-10-11, 05:13 PM
How I eat my meals A while back I tried portion control during meals (main dish no bigger than my fist, the rest fruit and veg, no soda) and I had success for a few months. Then not so much.

Then I figured out what my real problem was; getting my self to actually eat a real meal. When I was hungry I would find something to snack on instead of cooking. I would end up missing meals, and feel like I was starving later (then I would beige and feel better.)

So, I started trying to plan my meals before I was hungry. Knowing that I am not that great at planning I bought stuff that would keep a long time in the freezer, and make a list of meals that you can make, pick a few that you want to eat that week, and but the ingredients that you don't already have. Seems like a simple idea, but I was not thinking about food until I was hungry. (trouble planning is an ADD thing for sure, but make the crunch moment the scramble to get your list together before heading to the store, and not just before you eat.) Also, go to the store after you have had a meal.

What my meal schedule eventually evolved into:

09-10-11, 05:14 PM
My meal plan
Breakfast: (My day started a little early so Breakfast was at 7am, eat as close to getting up as possible) a bole of cerial ( I love Special K Red Berries, I have had them for breakfast for 2 years and still not tired of them ) and maybe some yogurt.

Lunch: Lunch started at about 10am and didn't end until a little after noon. I started packing my self a lunch right after breakfast. It included an apple or two, a sandwich bag full of what ever chips I wanted, a sandwich that was full of deli meat and a slice of american cheese, a can of V8 Fusion, and a little thing of apple sauce. Oh, and I started keeping a bottle of water handy ( this will come in handy if your taking adderall -dry mouth- and if you have something to drink on hand, you will naturally drink it, just like having an open soda...)

I would eat my apple at about 10am, my sandwich at 11am, then drink my V8 Fusion around noon, and snack on the rest of it the rest of the afternoon.

Dinner I would cook dinner when I got home and would try to eat before 8pm. Seemed like the more envolved cooking got the less hungry I felt (cooking worked at that fight stress reaction I suppose). Eat early (5pm to 8ish..before 9pm if you get up around 6am/7am..) and actually eat sitting at a table. (This helps because the added ritual will help your brain remember that you have already eaten, and you will be less likely to feel like you need to go eat something else).

After dinner snack I like blond oreos and a glass of milk. Grab how how ever many you plan to eat then go sit down to eat them (without the bag.) I usually grab 4, with a 5th in my mouth to feel like I am cheating.

09-10-11, 05:15 PM
Some more detail about meals:
Breakfast: The first meal you eat for the day tell your brain when the Start of your day is. And keep it light, you just woke up. Nuff said.

More on my lunch thing: I didn't know why this worked when I was doing it, but here are some key points I learned later: You have to eat to loose weight!!! Your body wants to keep its weight at a "normal" range (Normal, as in the weight that you currently are.) When you over eat, under eat, eat at odd and changing times, [in my humble opinion] it stresses the system and you gain weight as a natural stress response.

By stretching out my lunch I wasn't allowing my body to feel hungry for very long (and I was also not adding and total calories for my day from what I would have usually eaten). Apples are awesome if you like them. They will fill you up, and for the space they take up in your tummy not many calories, plus they are good for fiber.. (BTW, don't get too worried about about counting will drive you nuts, stress you out, and you will want to eat even more, so try not to think about it at all -especially when you are hungry) Cheese but probably not American cheese has an enzyme (or something) in it that tells your brain that you are less hungry. Meat if its got protein in it, it feels like you have eaten a meal... the rest of my lunch was basically simple sugars (not overly processed) and simple foods. By the time dinner comes around I felt like I have been snacking all day (and I could stretch that sandwich bag of chips all afternoon.)

Dinner: When you prepare dinner for your self dish out a smaller portion that you think is a 'normal' portion, and tell your self that you can come back for more (because you can, if your still actually hungry 10 or so mins after you have finished, go get a little more but don't do it for taste.) I would also go so far as to pack the rest of it and put it in the fridge, or have it ready to go in the fridge before I sit down to eat. This way your less likely to get a second helping unless your really, actually, still hungry. This same idea goes for eating somewhere that is 'buffet' style.

Most of the time, you will find that the act of cleaning your plate triggers that full feeling (if you are eating regularly throughout the day) and you won't feel the urge to go back for more. (in the same way that sitting down at a table to eat helps your brain remember that you have already eaten.)

09-10-11, 05:15 PM
More possibly useless info: and final thoughts
Then there is exercise...go do that. :o) But don't over think it and stress about it. Just do something fun that gets you moving around a little bit for a little while. I take my dogs for a walk and play with them for a few mins around the house every day. However, the more the better. Exercise gets ride of the built up stress that triggers (at least in my self) binge-eating. Same thing as exercise and depression. A factoid about exercise is that the sole reason most people do not like to exercise is the small amount of discomfort your muscles give you while they are warming up and before your body starts pumping out feel good chemicals. If you can just get started, and don't burn your self out at the very beginning, then you will actually enjoy exercising. Best idea ever: get some friends involved and go play some really. (the accountability of setting a time and a place to exercise, the fun competition of kickball, and your friends for motivation...winning combination)

Aim to eat healthy for 6 days a week. The 7th day (and make it the same day every week) you can do what ever you want. This makes it easier to stick to your plan the rest of the week (this idea works for exercise too if you want.) Oh, and did I mention snack on apples!! (helps me...but something that will actually fill you up will be almost as good. Drinking water will also fill you up, but don't over do it...a quart a day is a good mid point to shoot for mild activity, shoot for clear urine and you know your drinking enough.)

If your can get into a 'normal' food schedule, with foods that fill you up, and are not junk food (fresh ingredient foods, are always best with the least amount of processing..not a must but something to shoot for) then I think it will help. I would also add that keeping a 'normal' sleep cycle will help with wanting to binge-eat as well.

Scheduling out your life can be boring but it teaches your brain what to expect and can help with the stress response associated with eating.

A quick note on Adderall When I started taking it, it helped a lot with cravings. Be aware, it made it easier for me to forget to eat. I didn't binge-eat later but I would feel really bad (shaky, head ache) until I ate something. Don't for get to eat. It took a little while before I noticed any weight loss with Adderall. It would plateau for a week or two, then I would start loosing again. I started eating as described above 5 months before starting Adderall, so I have a good before and after perspective.