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09-05-11, 10:12 AM
I have been on concerta and ritalin for a while. I just switched over to focalin. It always seems so different in the beginning, is focalin as good as ritalin and is it really twice as strong. I honestly don't feel it kick in at all like ritalin does. Thats both good and bad, I know it seems to wear off faster or dropoff quicker than concerta?

09-06-11, 01:23 PM
I think meds are similar. I find that Strattera, Intuiv, and Focalin all act the same for me. Dexidrene and Ritalin are the same for me. Except with Dex, I am borderline manic. Adderall is its own catagory for me. lol.

09-06-11, 01:46 PM
Concerta is racemic methylphenidate in... let's call it a little plasticky casing with tiny holes in it to slow down how quickly it's released. Racemic means there are 2 chemicals in it which are mirror-images of each other -- one "right-handed" and the other "left-handed." One of those mirror-images is biologically active, but the other does more-or-less nothing. It's more of a manufacturing byproduct... although when methylphenidate was first invented, they probably didn't know which one worked.

Ritalin is also racemic methylphenidate, but without the slow-release casing.

Focalin contains only the active, right-handed version: dexmethylphenidate. So there's 10mg of dexmethylphenidate in 10mg of Focalin or 20mg of Ritalin. The other half of Ritalin would be the left-handed version. I don't know if there are fewer side effects or not, although it's possible in some cases.

I don't know if the type of Focalin you're using has a slow-release mechanism, but it will definitely be twice as strong, mg for mg.

It isn't quite the same as l-amphetamine and d-amphetamine in Adderall, Dexedrine, and good ol' Benzedrine... l-amp and d-amp have markedly different effects... whereas l-mph has very little effect at all.

09-06-11, 09:52 PM
How many out there have had success with focalin with intuniv?

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07-10-12, 12:08 PM new here & really don't know if im doin this here's my question...I've been on 30mg of dexadrine for 3 yrs, sumhow thers a shortage & my doc prescribed focalin 30mg ppd. I did take the extended release of dex, which caused insomnia so switched to generic form, which is non er. My rx is for non er of focalin & is focalin better than dex, like more powerful, upgrade than dex or is it gonna be like rit, which did nothing for me?

07-11-12, 09:10 AM
just read the above stating mph is in a class of it's own and has little to no effect and adderall is in a category of it's own. What exactly are the effects being spoken about here. Like adderall works far better. I take adderall and feel alot slower , maybe thats the whole point. I don't fret or get hungup on small things at all on adderall but I dont exactly feel really attentive. Maybe when trying adderall from ritalin you have to give it more than a week.