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09-07-11, 03:54 PM

I'm debating trialing this once again. I have posted several things on this site and everytime in the past I'd try something new like an ssri or snri I'd get way too sleepy and couldn't hack it. Well , turns out that I actually have rather severe sleep apnea and just started sleep apnea treatment, I have sinus issues as well. I should have known it was something in my biology that was making me feel like a walking corpse. Anyways, I was wondering what people were thinking about intuniv used in combination with focalin or ritalin ? Any luck?

09-10-11, 10:52 AM
i tried it for a bit but you have to be careful if you think of stop taking it...because you can get a dangerous hypertensive rebound and end up in the ER.....
besides that it didnt seem to help much...just a bit easier on the stimulant comedown but not much

09-12-11, 08:59 AM
well , I keep considering it as an add on , on the outside looking in. That means basically before starting it. I noticed when I tried it I felt a bit calmer in the short run. I'm not sure because I kept stopping it because I had some rebound hypertension upfront and the fact that over some time I was getting more tired was not all that thrilling. I did notice some benefits though, by that I mean I wasn't so all over the place , I was able to sustain attention to one thing and that helped me stay on one thing at a time.

11-01-11, 09:00 AM
My son takes 54 mg Concerta every morning, and 3 mg Intuniv at dinnertime. It works great together. He has caught up to grade level in school, and is much calmer and mo re in control...He has ADHD, PTSS, ODD. We started with Strattera at age 5, moved to Concerta 36 at 6, changed to Vyvanse at 6 (which was not right for him at all...became very sensitive, crying and moping around, wouldn't eat, couldn't sleep...I thik he was too little and tooyoung for it) so we went back to Concerta, upped the dose, and added intuniv. At first, he took them all in the morning, but was falling asleep at his desk, so we now give Concerta in the morning, and Intunuiv at dinner...and he is doing so much better...

01-10-12, 03:53 PM
My Son is 8 years old he was diagnosed in 1rst grade with ADHD, and at first I was in complete denial about his behaviour patterns because before the diagnosis he wasn't really having any issues. He was going to bed every night at the same time no problems getting him up for school so it was a complete suprise about his behaviour in the classroom compared to at home.

So I took him to his pediatrician and he gave me an evaluation form for me and dad to fill out and then one for his teacher. I was shocked when I saw her answers I was in disbelief that I hadn't seen all of the signs.

So after the evaluation we put him on the lowest dose of Vyvanse, and then 2.5mg of clonodine at night about six months passed and we upped the dosage of the vyvanse and about 2 months on that he developed a horrible tic, and so we switched completely to Stratera we went all summer on that (nonstimulant) He did fine, and as soon as school started his teacher started complaining of his inablity to focus. So back to the Doctor. He prescribed him 36mg of the Concerta.. I was in HOG heaven because it worked with NO ill side effects. So it was concerta 36mg and 2.5 of the clonodine most of last year.

Then I read about intuniv in a magazine, and so I bugged the doctor about adding it instead of the clonodine and so that is what we did. Now we just upped his dosage of Concerta to 54mg and the doctor told me to take him off of the intuniv and see how he does. BIG MISTAKE. The nonstimulant helps him focus at night and help him sleep better to. So needless to say now I have him on 1mg of the intuniv just to take the edge off of him at night.

OMG! The doctor just wanted to give him this, and try that. Why would I try something else if this is CLEARLY WORKING? every kid is different. Some can take the Vyvanse with no side effects, but then some can't take it at all because of horrible side effects. I find that the concerta works you just have to adjust the dosage with the intuniv. IF IT ISN'T broke DON'T FIX IT. that is what i finally said to the doctor.

01-10-12, 07:22 PM
Basically my issue cannot focus or sustain focus for a full day