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09-08-11, 02:01 AM
I'm a 21.5 year old male with ADD-PI, obsessive ADD, some mild depression and mild social anxiety disorder.

I've been out of high school about 3 years now and I haven't been getting much of any exercise. In high school I had physical education class but even still I didn't get much other exercise. I used to play sports and stuff before high school so it wasn't something I had to think about. Things really fell apart for me in high school in part because the work was so difficult for me. I also didn't have much time in high school to spare because I was always working, now I DO have time to spare so I CAN exercise but I find myself often sleeping days away. This started in high school with naps and after getting out of high school turned into waking up in the evening and then being up all night. It happens pretty frequently except if I take 5htp, but I hear taking that for a long time is bad.

Any way, I've been procrastinating this forever, but what is a good exercise routine to start with? I've never had weight issues but I do fear that could be in the future once my metabolism isn't that of 20 something year old. I some times go for walks but I want some advice on what would be the best exercise routine and how to expand it & keep at it. I don't do well with not knowing what to do, I'm very indecisive so if I'm unsure, I don't get much of anything done because I get caught up in all the details (or am afraid I will-obsessiveness). Any help would be very much appreciated!

09-28-11, 05:58 PM
I recently started running again, but I find that I can only do it consistently if I hasn't a race to prepare for. Currently, I'm training for a 5k zombie run in October. People dressed up like zombies chase you.

If you have trouble sucking to routines as so many of us do, I have a few recommendations:

1. Have a fun goal that you have to train for to keep you motivated our sert up some reward after completing a certain number of routines.

2. Try something social like a team sport that you enjoy so it doesn't feel like work.

3. Try classes that you have to pay for in advance so you have to attend.

4. Try something that either requires you learn a new skill our is thrill seeking in a way. (Rock climbing is great for this. Dancing is also good minus the thrill seeking plus the socialization.)

Other tips would be to try a tracking app our website to motivate you by seeing your progress orsomething relaxing and meditative like yoga.

Good luck!