View Full Version : Anyone have any luck with Wellbutrin?

09-08-11, 09:35 AM
I've been taking wellbutrin XL (Bupropion) for close to 1.5 months now and haven't really noticed much change except increase libido. For the first month I was prescribed 150mg/day, then we bumped things up to 2x150mg/day (at the same essentially the same as 300mg/day) There seemed to be a bit of an increase in anxiety when I was first bumped up to 300mg/day but I haven't really noticed any improvement in my attention. Has anyone had any luck with wellbutrin for their attention? I've started school and I'm getting impatient with this med not doing anything but I do want to give it a fair trial before writing it off the list like the dozen or so other meds I've tried with no success. Should I suggest to my psychiatrist increasing the dose to 450mg? When? I have about 10 days worth of pills left.

My main problems are processing information while reading and following/processing conversation. My mind does wonder too but it's not nearly as troublesome as the prior symptoms.

09-08-11, 10:18 AM
Years before I was Dx’d ADHD-PI, I was Rx’d Wellbutrin for depression — 300mg/day.

I did notice what I describe as my “brain fog” being lifted away, but in terms of control of direction of attention, its effect was slight, especially compared/contrasted with typical psychostimulant meds used to treat ADHD.


09-11-11, 05:04 AM
Anyone else?

I'm not sure if it's making me more positive or if that's just because of the circumstances.