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09-09-11, 03:10 PM
I don't have any real attention disorders, but was recently prescribed Focalin XR in 40mg capsules. I have literally ZERO tolerance to amphetamines, and I took one 40mg pill of Focalin XR, still in the capsule at about 10 AM yesterday. It kicked in an hour later, and lasted for about an hour, but that was it. Not really a huge help...

I haven't been able to get a hold of my doctor, but a friend gave me 15mg of Adderall IR today. I ingested orally, and same thing as thing as the Focalin happened, except there was a bit of a come down.

So what is the deal here? I was told that 40mg of Focalin would have me focused for hours and I just have a natural tolerance for amphetamines? Should I up the dose to 80mg? That seems a bit excessive...
what about taking the powder out of the pill and mixing it with water?

I need serious help, because I haven't been able to focus on my studying at all these past few weeks!

Any opinions are greatly appreciated,
thanks for your time

09-09-11, 04:23 PM
Why would you take a stimulant if you don't have attention issues and why would you need to clarify taking a medicine orally? How else would you take it?

09-09-11, 05:00 PM
Even if you don't have an actual disorder (judgement call anyway,) stimulants can still enhance your ability to focus on one task. In the hour and a half-ish that the Focalin was effective, I finished writing a 5 page paper about "The Effects of Federal Funds Rates on Output and GDP". Already had most of the research, but it was still pretty impressive.

If I was not on Focalin, that would've taken me (along with most others in the course) at least double the time.

So yea, it helps...

As to the ingestion, I want to know what the difference would be if I ate the powder directly instead of keeping it in the time-release capsule. Would it would be activated faster or stronger, but for a shorter period of time?

09-09-11, 05:39 PM
if attempting to circumvent the time-release mechanism by taking medication other than as prescribed by your physician/general prescribing info, what would happen is that you'd be misusing your medication given prescribing instructions are as follows:

• Swallow FOCALIN XR capsules whole with water or other liquids. Do not chew, crush, or divide the capsules or the beads in the capsule. If you or your child cannot swallow the capsule, open it and sprinkle the small beads of medicine over a spoonful of applesauce and swallow it right away without chewing.prescribing instructions:

09-09-11, 05:40 PM
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09-09-11, 08:03 PM
Ahh yes, the pharmaceutical companies would definitely not want people chewing those beads, they give a sensation similar to coke..