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09-10-11, 02:50 PM
Hey guys, I was diagnosed with ADHD in 8th grade, now I'm in 12th. I tried adderall for a week, but stopped because my parents hated my diet when I was on medication. I didn't eat as much as before.

My parents won't let me get medication, they are too worried about side effects. School is very important to me, and I am set on getting into a good college. ADHD really gets in the way, especially without medication. My parents say that since I know I have ADHD, I should be able to 'think my way out of it' or just 'grow out of it'. Well, I can't. I ended up trying a friends low dosage one time, and I immediately noticed that I feel in control again. I did all of my AP homework before 10PM with it, when I would have to stay up until 1AM without it. I know it works wonders on me.

I don't want to go around my parents to do this, but I know this is something I need for my success. What can I do? I don't turn 18 for another year, but I want to finish high school strong. My senior year just started and I think that this tool can benefit me for a lifetime.

09-10-11, 04:02 PM
Ask your parents to spend about 4 minutes watching this video:
Dr. Russell Barkley talking about what happens to kids with untreated ADHD when they grow up.