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09-11-11, 06:11 AM
hi i am a 21 year male i have recently found out that i suffer from anxiety and agoraphobia and i also suspect that i may have ADHD until recently i did not know / understand what anxiety was or ADHD i belived that the symptoms i have suffered from my whole life where just part of being me eg it was my personality me as an individual over the last few months i was 100% sure that i was suffering from adhd after doing some research online and partially reading a book on ADHD however today i was reading about bipolar as i had read that the symptoms are similar and now im not to certain as i have had depressive episodes throughout all my life atleast one a year lasting between 2 - 6 months and when reading about bipolar manic phases i can identify with atleast two occassions in my life when i have been like this and would like to know if its possible to have both conditions or if ADHD can cause depressive episodes and manic ones the reason i ask is when i read about adhd i feel like someone is describing me like an author describing a character in a book where as some of the stuff i have read about bipolar just dosent seem like me any info on this question would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance
ps i have already been to see my gp twice about these issues as the first time months past and i didnt hear anything back second time i got a different doc who told me that i was refered last time around its like they dont really care and just want rid of me lol

09-11-11, 09:39 AM
You have to find a good psych. Its the only way you will get a comprehensive diagnosis.

09-11-11, 10:43 AM
Welcome! Also, what Sarah said. I hope you find help.

09-11-11, 10:49 AM
it is definitely possible to have both adhd and bipolar. how long did the manic phases last? were you hospitalized at all?

09-11-11, 04:57 PM
It lasted between 4 - 6 months i have a terrible memory but my behavior completly changed am not very social didnt really go out that much to then going to clubs nearly every night of the week spending money i didnt have im actually still suffering the consequences of it with my debts sometimes i was going to clubs by myself if no one would come with me my sex life also radically changed i went from having 7 sexual partners now i lost count during those months and now that i think back on it my behavior was increbile reckless i was going home with girls from different cities with no way of getting back home not wearing protection things like that can adhd cause behavior like that i mean now im back to my old self i dont go out again dont drink at all just no interest what so ever where as when i was like that i would have freaked out if i couldnt get out iv seen myself beg and steal to get drinking money back then but up until now that im actually thinking about it i never really realised this was a problem just assumed normal behavior part of my personality my individualness

09-11-11, 10:30 PM
you need tofind a psychiatrist who's going to listen to you.

yes, i do super ****ing stupidly impulsive things...and i can dothem again andagain as i'm terrible at presenting consequences. but what you're describing is different. i don't know how to explain that it is or how i konw...but...i do not go for periods of four to six months where that's *all* i'm going...or the bulkof. if youweren't sleeping as much...felt more "euphoric"...felt...perhaps "largerthan life"/invincible....that's NOT something i've experienced with having a very.....pronounced case of adhd (and i retain considerable H/'I symptoms,even as an adult). that *IS* behavour much like those i've known very very well, the best...with bipolar.

note: i'm not saying you do or don't have bipolar. only a mental health professional seeing you IN person can tell you that. but, yes, you have a situation that i,at least, believe you are right to seek professional assistance for. seek it now. if you feel relatively "stable"....neither starting/full on depressed...nor starting to feel is thetime. anytime is the time, but talk to someone. and not just some gp.

further note: i also do not myself have bipolar (only close experience with a couple of people, three in particular, with it),but you me...and i encourage you to pursue evaluation by a professional.

i wish you the very best and i hope you are able to find someone who is going to listen and help you navigate your challenges, whatever may bethe cause :) and welcome to the forums!