View Full Version : What if Wellbutrin Helps but causes more anxiety? What meds have you tried adding?

09-11-11, 09:12 AM
Is there any kind of med you guys have had added to counter the anxiety of wellbutrin or is it better to just move on to a different med?

I have obsessive ADD, ADD-PI and mild OCD. Currently on 300mg wellbutrin xl per's hard to tell if it's working but I've begun broadening my horizons and might be a little more focused...this could just be my circumstances though. The anxiety can get pretty bad sometimes though but not like a panic attack or anything (I've never had panic attacks anyway).

09-11-11, 06:06 PM
Try adding 10 mg Lexapro or 25 mg Celexa in the mornings.

Failing that, 0.5 mg Klonopin, morinings and evenings.

Good luck.

09-12-11, 04:23 PM
Intuniv may be an option

09-19-11, 10:31 AM
(Answering all posts in haiku today)

Should try 150
Or another med, 'Butrin
Amps anxiety.

09-19-11, 12:18 PM
A few weeks with added bensodiasepines took care of it for me.