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09-11-11, 10:04 AM
The current psychiatrist I see as well as previous ones really have no idea what to do because they've put me on loads of meds and nothing has worked. None of them seemed very passionate about what they were doing and therefore couldn't see beyond the most typical ADHD cases. Lately it's basically been me suggesting new meds and then he writes a script and I try it out for a month and come back and ask to try something else. I am fed up with this, why do I have to do all the thinking??? I feel like I need to get a degree psychiatry if I ever want to treat myself. I realize self education is important but I spend so much time researching it, it's ridiculous.

How can I find a GOOD psychiatrist? I haven't found anything like yelp for doctors yet unfortunately. I have Atena health insurance and am located in Burbank, CA. I don't mind driving 50 or more miles if it means I will be working with a doctor who understands my condition and KNOWS how to treat it and is always staying up to date with new approaches and observing what works and what doesn't instead of just "going by the book". I am not a stereotypical ADHD patient, following things by "the book" does not seem to work; they need to be on the cutting edge, be open and most importantly, THINK about things carefully. I brought up to my current psychiatrists how getting vitamin B12 shots wiped away my anxiety and OCD temporarily and asked him why the effect only lasted a few weeks. He basically told me that it's highly unlikely and if that is the case it's not something concerned with psychiatry and I need to see a different type of doctor if that's the case. Psychiatrists need to be able to understand the BIG PICTURE and recommend what should be done. My psychiatrists didn't recommend where I could go or what to do about his B12 mystery, he basically didn't want to talk about it.

If I had good enough reason to I might even consider relocating if it means seeing a very good psychiatrist with a fresh approach and/or proven history in treating patients with my symptoms & disorders. My parents live in Illinois near Chicago, so I could probably visit there also if there are any cutting edge psychiatrists out there.

Background information about me:
Age: 21.65
Gender: Male
Age of diagnosis: 16 (symptoms evident all my life though)
Obsessive ADD
Mild OCD
Mild depression
Mild social anxiety disorder (due to being inattentive...not being sure what people are saying, etc)
Supposedly "generalized anxiety disorder" according to psychiatrists' diagnosis...this is of course a result of the above disorders.
SCT possibly? (undiagnosed, I'm very detailed and slow)

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01-27-12, 06:09 PM
Hope it's not too late to reply. You should try Dr. Jeremy Martinez, over in Westwood. He seems pretty good with ADD meds.