View Full Version : Here's some of my art - Hope you like it

09-14-11, 11:31 PM
Yeah, most of it is just line art and I keep telling myself that I'll color it whenever I can... but rarely do. But anyway, here's a sample of some of my stuff. Enjoy!

Just line art that was scanned in - I didn't even bother to clean it up ^^;

And this is whenever I do get around to coloring something:

Yay for the "OOOH SHINNY!!!" complex!

09-14-11, 11:38 PM
Looks good!

I see you've got a space goat there! :D

Assuming you play wow >.>

09-15-11, 12:22 AM
um... used to - I got the legs wrong, but for the sake of making it look good, I'm sticking to it ^^;

These are in my album that's on the page. I also design my own tattoos too.

09-15-11, 02:30 AM
That's pretty cool.

09-18-11, 09:56 PM
Thank you ^^;

09-19-11, 07:00 AM
Awsome... Very talented!

10-11-11, 08:26 PM
Great shading on the last one, and awesome detail on the others! :)

10-11-11, 09:28 PM
VERY nice!