View Full Version : Impact of dairy on effectiveness of stims?

09-15-11, 04:58 PM
So I've been tinkering with my diet for...oh...just under a year now since starting adderall (20mg XR) and I was wondering if anyone else has noticed a difference in the effectiveness of their medication while consuming certain foods? For me, thus far its been dairy. I don't know what it is about dairy but I started noticing that maybe my dairy consumption, mainly early on in the day seemed to affect the level or feeling of focus I would otherwise gain from my adderall. I'm not saying anything about curing my ADD, but that certain foods seem to affect the impact my ability to focus, almost like it inhibits the absorption of the drug into my system.... I was wondering if anyone else here has noticed anything similar?

09-29-11, 05:26 PM
I believe calcium and magnesium can inhibit or increase absorption of certain stims. (one does one thing and the other does the other.) There was also something I remember reading about citrus. If you send me a PM to remind me, I'll try to find the info for you.