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09-15-11, 10:06 PM
After being on Ritalin and getting tired of the hassles of no refills I thought I'd try Wellbutrin for my ADD.
I was aware that it had been taken off the market for awhile:
The immediate release made me feel like I was going to crawl out of my skin. (Have no idea how high my BP was)
so I tried the time release. I felt aggressive and my BP became very high.
It's a little strange because I've been on Dexedrine, Adderall, and Ritalin since then and none of those effected my BP the way bupropion did.

09-16-11, 09:00 AM
I've never had any bp issues with wellbutrin. You have to use brand name if your using wellbutrin and I'm not sure if your doing xl . Anyways, it can ramp up anxiety but it generally has nothing to do with me for bp . That's just me though, it's not a perfect antidepressant but very , very few are. I do like the way ssri's change your thought patterns if you are getting in a repetitive thought process but ssri's really do kill motivation and me feel like a slug. I've come across nothing that will counter that. Currently , I am still kind of stuck thinking about why this doesn't work or why I feel this way or that way. It's a revolving door, the path leads nowhere. So at this point I know that I am going to have to attempt prozac again or try intuniv with my stimulants again. For some odd reason I did find intuniv with my stimulants to stop repetitive thoughts. Not sure why though.

09-25-11, 05:21 AM
Had the OP's exact experience with the generic. The brand was better. But super expensive for me. So I switched to Aplenzin. You could look into that; it didn't have the BP issues for me and got rid of the anxiety problem, too.

As for 'hassles of no refills' if your time is too finite, you could plausibly talk to your doctor about post-dating a prescription for you. So that you went to them every two months instead. Or you could instead go to another doctor as well, and get a second, different dose-level script from them. Your insurance should fill both without raising flags. Its only when you see like 5+ that I believe signals get raised.

Otherwise, like hollywood, I'd recommend trying Intuniv. Its like an anti-depressant in that it helps mood but is much more immediately impacting; Wellbutrin XL takes 3-6 wks, Intuniv takes about 1 for a consistent effect. And its not controlled so it wouldn't be just one months worth.

Also, for stims, you could talk to your doc about prescribing it BID (twice a day) and therefore doubling your pill amt, as a way of not having to go in each month.