View Full Version : focalin versus ritalin or concerta

09-16-11, 08:56 AM
I wanted opinions. I've been on focalin coming from ritalin for a few weeks now. It's alot more subtle which is good because it does have far less physical or pns stimulation. Yet , does it work as well as ritalin? I'm not sure , I've been dealing with allergies and people that come to work coughing on me so kind of sick too... So obviously my ability to evaluate may not be as valid as it should be ? Is focalin alot better of a preparation or is it just a patent to market and make more cash for novartis ?

09-16-11, 09:59 AM
Focalin just made me feel a lot more anxious than Ritalin when it kicked in. Even at a very low dose.
It also seemed to make my muscles really tense. I'm not sure why.

Ritalin is the slightly calmer brother of Focalin. More relaxing, but it mostly depended on the generic.
When it wore off there was anxiety.

Seemed to me that the Focalin was shorter lasting than Ritalin.

09-16-11, 03:07 PM
Well ,

I have been having issues with how my meds release and how it makes me feel. I've been on 126mg of concerta for years. I always seem to feel okay after an hour or so and then pretty okay if I wake up at 7 -10 , but after I take my mid morning dose it's all over the place from that point. Lunch and shortly after is horrible and then I do okay again until the end of the work day but nothing real productive. The good thing is that after I take some caffeine and workout I have pretty good focus with concerta at that dose at night since concerta works much better and releases more after 5 hours up to 12 hour marks. Yet , you hit dead on in the evening and are spotty during the day. Now, with focalin the onset is better and your right it's a bit more activating but I am not sure if I remember and get a deep level of focus that allows me to act normal and not make fun of all my coworkers and get super aggressive. I tend to just be sort of a conduct problem when I"m not deeply happy with my setting. Yet, I'm sure most people get that way when they constantly interact with negative old people that are set in there ways. I don't seem to focus with as much clarity with the focalin and I don't feel it lasts as long either? Why do they claim it lasts longer and is more effective? For me focalin is more relaxed regarding pns symptoms at effective doses and kind of uncomfortable at doses too low. Regarding concerta , or ritalin it is much more calming, I believe. Just not sure which will prove to help me more. I hate that I've always required larger dosing and I've scaled down before , yet I always come up really short when doing so.