View Full Version : Finding a Psychologist in the LA Area--Only 1 within 50 miles covered by Atena??!

09-17-11, 04:01 AM
I'm trying to find a psychologist/therapist to help with figuring out what I need to get my life together. I have ADD, mild OCD, generalized anxiety disorder, mild social anxiety disorder. I haven't had a treatment (tried meds, tried therapy several years ago) that has worked but I need to get going with my life and I'm not sure where to get started since I've been a bit isolated...I've recently had so revelations. Anyway, I went on Atena's website and looked for a psychologist who specializes in ADD around Burbank, CA and I could only find 1 and she's 42 miles away! What am I doing wrong? Here's a picture of what I entered, everything else not shown were left at the default options. I don't mind going 42 miles to go see the best if I have to, but only 1 psychologist?! No choice?! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


PS: I am 100% I chose the plan I have...also I had the same plan when I lived in Illinois about 6 months ago and there were a lot more ADD psychologists near by.

09-17-11, 11:13 AM
Please note the attached image to look at my search settings on Atena's website. I'm not sure why the image didn't get inserted into the body of the text properly.