View Full Version : SNRI's/similar drugs for anxiety?

09-18-11, 03:25 PM
I take 60mg a day of Vyvanse (which has worked wonders), and I used to be on Prozac for depression/anxiety. Now that my depression has diminished and I've stopped taking the Prozac (the Prozac made me feel even more depressed) the only thing that I am having difficulty with is my social anxiety. I have problems talking to new people, making small talk, talking to authoritative figures (such as my dad and my professors), and especially eating in front of people.
I was wondering if anybody has ever taken any SNRI's or similar drugs (excluding SSRI's) for their social/general anxiety. I'd like some input on others' experiences so I may come to the decision of whether to take it or not.
Note: by similar drugs I mean SNDRI's, NRI's, and whatever else there is that's not an SSRI or an SRI.

09-18-11, 05:13 PM
Try Kloni's and Xanax.