View Full Version : Good results seen from coaching? Waste of money?

09-20-11, 12:44 PM

I just made an appointment for our 8 year old daughter to receive some coaching for her inability to stay focused and organized in school. Has anyone done this with their child before and seen great results? Is it just going to be a waste of money?


09-20-11, 02:42 PM
I know that when my friend's daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia (borderline) and ADHD in the 2nd grade, they used therapy and meds as treatment. Now, that was 9-10 years ago. But the therapy they did was essentially ADHD coaching.

They found strategies to manage her symptoms and help her stay organized. Both parents were involved as well. The strategies were things that worked for the child. Which meant that they sometimes had to modify or tweak strategies and skills so that they were effective for her. It was a lot of work for both the parents and the child. They found it very beneficial and maintain many of the practices and strategies today. Their daughter isn't medicated at this time.

It will really depend on the coach your child is seeing. Have you checked references and talked with others who have used this coach? Possibly meeting with the coach for a preliminary consult may help you decide whether this would be beneficial to your daughter. Is this something that this particular coach offers?

I hope that this is something that helps your daughter. :)

09-20-11, 04:34 PM
Thank you for the reply! We are looking forward to the appointment and hope it goes well. I appreciate your feedback.

09-20-11, 05:49 PM
I hope that you will let us know how it goes! Oh, if I didn't say previously, WELCOME to the forums!!! :)