View Full Version : Meal plan for hypoglycemia ADDers?

09-23-11, 03:16 PM
All I find online is idiots telling me what I CAN'T eat. Ocassionally one site will tell me to eat lots of celery or something but I can only eat that for so long. I tend to run out of food and then either have to find a restaurant that is open late, go to bed hungry or just have fruit for or cookies for a meal. Money isn't really the issue, I just don't know what to buy so my apartment ends up not having much to eat. I can't afford to do all my shopping at whole foods though. :eek: Just thought I'd note that.

03-17-12, 03:53 PM
1. Onions/garlic fried in olive oil.
2. Add any and every non-starchy vegetable you can get your hands on in.
[If you've an Aldi - you'll find affordable vegetables]
3. Add a pre-made sauce which you've verified hasn't anything much other than vegetables and herbs/spices in it (no starch, sugar etc...).

Chicken tonight sauces at 1 for 500g can be made to last a week.

Buy a different healthy pre-made sauce each week.

It's way too difficult to make sauces when you've no room to store ingredients.

That's the thrust of my plan.

Protein from basa (really cheap frozen fish which doesn't taste like bleughhh! fish), eggs and tins of mackerel.

Special treat - Burgen linseed and soya low glycaemic bead.

Snack - almonds.

Drink - water / peppermint tea + stevia