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09-24-11, 03:29 PM
Hey. So, I haven't had an official diagnosis of ADD and I am having a hard time finding a psychiatrist. Does anyone know how to go about finding one? I am looking specifically in NYC (Brooklyn or Manhattan) and I have United Healthcare (formally Americhoice). Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

09-24-11, 06:05 PM
Unfortunately I couldn't find a good way to locate one so I just got a list from my insurance company, crossed off the ones that did peds and then just started calling and asking what they specialized in. After a few I hit one where the person on the phone was so extremely nice and she said he didn't necessarily specialize in it but did definitely treat a fair amount of patients with it. I got very lucky and he is great!! The only other thing is that if no one on here knows anyone, there are a few websites that you can type in your zip code or town/state and it'll give you a list. For me that didn't work b/c there were none in my area. Now I'm bad with geography so try not to laugh, but is Brooklyn/manhattan near north jersey? If it is there is a specialty center in north jersey you could try. Good Luck!!!

09-24-11, 07:23 PM
Welcome!!! You can find information for referrals here New York (

There is a section here for US referrals, listed by state.

I hope that this helps!