View Full Version : How to block the internet at certain times of the day

09-29-11, 12:44 PM
So I recently discovered Leechblocker for Firefox. I was so happy. I set it to block the internet completely from 11PM to 7AM so I was FORCED to get offline and go to bed.

Then the third evening I realized that only Firefox was blocked and I could use Chrome or Safari. I am not willing to delete those two browsers as there are times when sites to work or don't work properly on Firefox and I need to use Chrome or Safari.

So I am looking for something like Leechblocker but that would block the internet completely. I did some searches and Freedom comes up a lot but you cannot set the times in advance. With Freedom when you open it it asks how many minutes do you want the internet blocked for. I want something that will force me to get offline every night that is set in advance and not something I have to turn on because that will not work.

Any ideas? I use Apple products exclusively since 1986. So I am only interested in software that works on Apple.

09-29-11, 12:50 PM
Switch to dial up. There's been a few members who do that. The slow loading times and the fact that youtube etc doesn't want to work cuts down on wasted time online.

09-29-11, 01:42 PM
I am in a contract until next June and by then I will be done with school. Plus I would still waste time even though it is slow. I am in Puerto Rico so even cable isn't very fast to begin with but I still can't turn it off.

I am looking for a program that will force me from using the internet every night at 11PM like clock work.

12-03-11, 05:22 PM
I'm a new Freedom user and I had the same question. Sometimes I can't even be trusted to make the choice to shut off the internet!

A few suggestions:

1. See if you can use Automator or an apple script to launch Freedom and enter the desired time automatically. I've only just started experimenting with automator and am not a computer whiz but this might be best current workaround. I'll play with it a bit (when I'm not supposed to be doing work!) and report back if I learn anything. Another poss. would be to get automator just to turn off your airport at a certain hour, which could remind you to launch Freedom for a more permanent solution.

2. Email the freedom developers, as they (he? she?) seems to want feedback for adjustments/new versions. There might already be some custom builds available that do just this.

I really want to maximize the usefulness of this tool since so far it has been the only thing that works.