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09-29-11, 11:05 PM
I cannot seem to figure out what to buy prior to visiting the grocery store and if I don't prepare, I just end up mindlessly wondering around. I want to start eating healthy stuff but I don't know what to eat; I most likely have hypoglycemia so they recommend less carbs for that and less of everything but never really tell me what I CAN eat let alone meal ideas so I don't think that a hypoglycemia diet is viable for me...

I've only been living on my own a couple months so this is kinda new for me. I don't really have any cooking experience but I could learn I suppose, I just don't usually have 45 mins to prep a meal. Also looking for snack ideas. I've been mostly just living off fruit, eggs, broccoli, crab sticks, bacon, sausage and brownies (used as a stimulant for getting work done :eek: ).

09-29-11, 11:10 PM
I get v8 fusion light
Deli turkey
Coffe filters
Diet coke
Chicken breast
Lemon pepper
Wheat spaghetti
Spaghetti sauce
Breakfast bars
Reduced fat peanut butter
Turkey pepperoni

I don't get all of these at once..

09-29-11, 11:15 PM
You are on the right track. Usually 6 smalls meals a day is what is recommended for hypoglycemia with protien. Remember that complex carbs are o.k. - whole grains and vegtables. Grocery shopping is not exactly my forte - if i am thirsty i buy lots of juice etc. if I am hungry I tend to by easy to eat stuff - crackers, cheese, nuts etc.

I am trying to work on making a grocery list before I go shopping but so far it doesn't happen to often. One tip that makes sense is to shop around the perimeter of the store first where there is usually more real food.

09-29-11, 11:39 PM

Pick meals and then it will tell you what you'll need.

For staples.. there are lists and you have to alter them to your own needs. Staples are things that you'll use often and you can build them up over time. (here's just a sample)


09-29-11, 11:39 PM
Well, I like to keep baby carrots on hand to snack on. I can wash them and then they are good to go. No peeling or prep.

I also keep nuts on hand. A variety is nice but if you like a particular type, grab those. Be sure to look at the ingredients. Roasted peanuts sometimes have added sugar.

I try to keep veggies on hand that are can be eaten raw or are easy to steam on the stove or in the microwave. Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, green beans, bell peppers, asparagus.

Bananas and apples are quick snacks. Especially with peanut, cashew or almond butter.

Salad greens like arugula, spinach, field greens and romaine lettuce are good to have also. You can use the spinach raw, wilted, cooked, baked, etc.

You can also buy iceberg lettuce and use the leaves as a wrap instead of bread. Thin slices of meat and cheese wrapped inside of a lettuce leaf.

Tuna, packed in water or in pouches makes a good snack.

Eggs can be scrambled in the microwave and bacon (if you aren't veggie) can be cooked in the oven ahead of time and frozen. Then when you want a slice or two you can take it out of the freezer and zap it for a moment in the microwave.

Black beans are versatile. The canned work just as well as dried. Great source of protein too.

I keep oatmeal, cereal, milk, cheeses, juice, lemons (for water and tea), butter-stick and tub. I buy tub butter, not margarine. There's a spreadable butter out that has canola oil in it to make it easier to spread like tub margarine.

I prefer greek yogurt and there are many good brands and varieties out now. It has more protein, less carbohydrates and generally less calories. But it's going to depend on the brand you buy. I don't buy the brand names that are already associated with regular yogurt. It will cost more, but it tastes much better.

I do keep popcorn, chips, crackers, and other snacks foods around because I have a teen ager.

The best thing is figure out what you like to eat and buy it. Most things can be cooked in the microwave and you don't need to learn any fancy recipes. Baking a chicken breast isn't hard. It can be cooking while you are washing veggies or cutting them up. It's fairly quick also. Keep it very simple and when you have the time you can do a little more with cooking if you feel like it.

09-30-11, 12:06 AM
Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone! This is very helpful, especially the grocery list generator!

09-30-11, 12:24 AM
First time I tried uploading a word doc but if it works it is a good shopping list to start editing for your own needs.

09-30-11, 12:37 AM
I use pita bread to make super-thin crust pizza. The secret is to really load it up with stuff other than cheese (which is where most of the fat and salt in pizza comes from). Tomato paste is a fine basic sauce. Green peppers are my favourite topping but just about anything goes.

Get some more colours of veg than green... beets, carrots, squash, etc. Sweet potatoes, frenched, lightly oiled, seasoned and baked. Lower in carbs and higher in vitamins than normal potatoes.

I keep a lot of frozen veg around, and some sauces, so I can make say ginger stir-fry, or green beans and corn to go with something, without too much planning ahead.

This is making me hungry.