View Full Version : Interesting article on Autism treatment.

09-30-11, 07:49 AM
Thought this was interesting,0,5602889.story

Also the take-out on Applied Behavior Analysis was also interesting.


09-30-11, 08:44 AM
Both links are well worth reading. The 2nd link offers a good explanation of what Applied Behavior Analysis is, and how to select a qualified practitioner. Thanks for posting these!

09-30-11, 09:45 AM
I hope it's okay to contribute a link here. I attended a workshop yesterday regarding the importance of life planning for Autistic children and adults. The oresenter's name is Barbara Doyle and if I remember correctly, she has over 39 years of professional as well as personal experience with Autism. She has five family members on the spectrum as well.

Very interesting lady and the topics were very well presented. The link has an area for handouts. She said feel free to share with anyone and make copies as long as you don't alter the original content. Hope it's helpful for someone. If it's more suitable for another thread, my apologies for posting here.