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10-02-11, 01:17 AM
I have been on this diet for almost a week, I can say with confidence that I have experienced stable blood sugar (* no crash *), less hunger pains (* eat 6 hours *), happier / confident (* possible increase in testosterone.. *), as far as focus is concerned - I can't say I noticed a difference... - yet.

My day starts out with a bowl of oatmeal, with 3 scoops of protein powder.. It equals out to 75mg protein. I feel extremely full, and 15 minutes later, I'm ready to start my day.. No more tiring out, falling behind at work, no more brain fog, etc..

Not related to the topic, but, running - is a great concentration booster. Never in my life, with any medication, have I been able to experience clarity and focus that running provides...

Anyways. just thought I would share that with you all.

03-14-12, 09:06 PM
I've begun a high protein/low carb diet... actually closer to a Paleo diet (though I have kept dairy products) the last few days

I am amazed at the difference. I have way more energy, I don't crash in the afternoon.. I feel lighter and happier. I'm less cranky and irritable.. and I sleep better. (really wasn't expecting any of this) I eat more... but I've lost a pound.. in 3 days! I get more done!!!!! (wasn't expecting that either) I feel less depressed.

I've pretty much eliminated carbs from bread, pasta, rice.. pastries (except for the odd 'treat') and potatoes.

Just to give you an idea of what I've been doing...

Yesterday I had:
Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs (Omega 3) with butter, salt & pepper, (1 cup) steamed carrots, zucchini & red peppers with sun-dried tomato salad dressing, and a 1/4 of a tomato.
Coffee with half & half

Lunch - (3/4 cup) Hungarian Goulash (leftovers made with no potatoes), half a slice of whole wheat bread with flax seed.
Coffee with half & half (ya.. I love my coffee)

Dinner - Pork chop, sugar snap peas. Sauteed red peppers, zucchini, & onions on baby spinach leaves

late night snack - sliced apple with cheddar cheese.

Today I had:

breakfast - 2 hard boiled eggs, (1/2 cup) vanilla yogurt with a sliced banana & strawberries
Coffee with half & half

Lunch - skipped, wasn't hungry (did have another coffee though)

dinner - stewed beef with tomatoes, steamed swiss chard, carrot sticks

I haven't thought about a snack yet (I eat dinner fairly early - like 5pm) but I'm not hungry at the moment (almost 9pm) Maybe almonds (1/4 cup) and another apple (?)

Supplements: I want to see what happens with the diet - so I'm just taking Omega 3 capsules... and nothing else right now. So... 2 caps a day.

I've tried low cal, low fat diets before - they really didn't do much except make me cranky and tired..(and HUNGRY). and that's the last thing I need. I didn't start this for weight loss - though I could lose 10 - 20 pounds... I just wanted to see if I could help treat my ADD with a nutrition change. So far, so good!!!!

I think there might be something to the whole glycemic load - carb issue and it affecting mood and neurological issues. I DO feel better... and I'm actually shocked at the quick response... oh.. and my sinuses feel clearer also.

I'm NOT saying I can 'cure' my ADD this way - just that every little thing that helps.. why not give it a try?

I'm going to keep a journal and share from time to time - maybe it will help someone else (?).