View Full Version : ssri or snir ( first week cymbalta)

10-06-11, 03:17 PM
Well, I can't say I feel horrible fatigue but with my adhd added to it taking cymbalta is or kind of has me feel like I'm working in circles. I guess I'm just not remembering all of what I have going on and I'm constantly correcting or remembering things I should have done. To get to the point office work is taking alot longer to get things done. I'm meeting my deadlines but I'm not as quick. My feelings or circular thoughts have greatly diminished and I"m not totally obsessing about one thought....escape ! Basically taking this antidepressant is slowing me down , it's in the first week and every day I have felt a bit slower. So basically it's allowing me to focus on things that are actually important and kind of sacrificing my ability to read and really make sense or comprehend at some points. Is it worth it and is this just temporary.