View Full Version : Substitute Teaching, Quite a Bit

Tristan Jay
10-07-11, 08:25 PM
For some reason I've missed out on this section of the forum! I was looking through the creative writing area and came across mention of the Teacher's Lounge, which brought me here. :)

I've been doing substitute teaching off and on for several years now, and I always really enjoy doing it. Sometimes I just done subbing, on other occasions it's been available in the background as a helpful source of fall back work when there are...difficulties with other jobs. I'm actually a little crazy in the fact that I actually like subbing. It makes for some really engaging work days. I'm having problems with it as an effectively sustaining source of income, though. Unfortunately. :(

Anyway, just thought I would drop by and introduce myself in this context.

10-27-11, 07:58 AM
Wow, sorry I missed this post earlier! Hi Tristan Jay, nice to meet you. I am also a teacher. I teach pre-k... and like it. So maybe we're both crazy. LOL