View Full Version : Best time to take Seroquel XR?

10-09-11, 06:13 AM
I take 300mg of Seroquel XR every evening. I'm trying to figure out the best time to take it...I try not to take it too early, because I need to do schoolwork in the evenings, but then what ends up happening is that I feel overly groggy in the morning and often sleep in later than I should. I'm not quite sure what to do...My pdoc won't lower my dose because I'm also taking Adderall (10mg IR 3x/day), and wants to make sure that I don't have a manic reaction. Back when I took both Seroquel XR in the morning, and also a dose of regular Seroquel before bedtime, I was actually fine and functional in the mornings. I'm not sure whether I should try to switch the 300mg of Seroquel XR back to the mornings...I don't necessarily think I need to take it to help me sleep. At the same time, I'm concerned it might interfere with the efficacy of the Adderall.


10-09-11, 10:51 AM
Usually it's recommended to be taken right before bed, as it can be very sedating.

12-11-11, 04:33 AM
The XR is usually taken between 5-8 pm. You want a good 10=12 hours of it in your system before you have to get up and get moving the next morning. However, you may want to talk to you pdoc about 15 of Adderall in the am and then 7.5-10 at lunch and afternoon.

It is hard when you have to study. I was on 600 Seroquel XR every evening when I was in Nursing School, and an accelerated program to boot. It can be done. It just will have to be tweaked.