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10-10-11, 01:59 PM
Hi all,

I'm studying Architecture and I have to do my dissertation this year. Ulp.
So I slipped through the cracks ie wasn't told last semester about it. Everyone else was though, handed in their dissertation proposals and have tutors and had time to think about over the summer for the synopsis, and I had two weeks to think about topics and hand in my 1500-2000 synopsis on the 13th. Do I get an extension like Hades no.

Anyway, end of rant.
Something I will find interesting so I thought I would do how the built environment affects susceptible people, with sensory issues and issues of overstimulation specifically with ADHD.

I will formulate the questions and will you be interested in answering?
Any suggestions and ideas welcome.
Thanks a million!


11-05-11, 12:08 PM
Perhaps you can be nice and pretend some of your fellow ADHRers down know what a built environment is?

Examples might be nice.

Anyway, my girl friend just finished ranting at me and I have time to write something; I googled.

In terms of dealing with psychology of environment on people with ADHD, that may be a serious challenge if you have to construct your own original research. ( <-- Apparently some people have looked at your topic tho. I didn't look on google schoar
Can you design something according to FengShui principles instead?
--- Some people think Feng shui is good for ADHD people.

You are smarter to design something!!! I mean, that is probably what you excel in. How about a Feng shui office building?