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09-24-04, 04:39 PM
Hello all,
I know this is a sensitive topic and a contraversail one as well. I am curious as to what people think inregards to having children with the risk of passing on ADD or ADHD.

09-24-04, 04:49 PM
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actually, this topic's already being discussed at the addforums - here's the link to that section!

09-25-04, 11:58 AM
Absolutely! ADHD is so very frustrating and hard to deal with. But who would be better equipped to help an ADHD child than an ADHD parent (on the right meds of course) who can help and encourage them. Between my ADHD boyfriend and me - if we ever have kids they will definitely have it too. And if that day comes, I can't wait to see what amazing talents they will have - how smart they will be. It will be a struggle I am sure for us, but so worth it. I intend to encourage every little bit of creative, artistic energy that my offspring possess. A child with ADHD who has parents that understand ADHD has limitless potential in this world.

09-28-04, 05:43 AM
YES, HAVE AS MANY KIDS AS YOU WANT. Just because your different doesn't rob you of your right to procreation.

09-28-04, 11:01 AM
I have 2 children both non-ADHD

At the time I had my kids I didn't know about my ADD but if I had and decided not to have kids I would have missed out of alot in my life.

I also had kids before I knew their Dad was Bipolor and had troubles with panic attacks. It's hard for me to answer this question on this side of it. Now that I have my kids I'd not change them even if we find they are Bipolor.

My oldest child 14 1/2, just came to me last week to ask for help with what she feels maybe anxiety problems. I've had a feeling for awhile she had a problem with this. I'm glad I was so open with her about her family history of this.....

solitary bee
04-26-05, 11:00 PM
Should we have kids? too late! i've got two of them. 22 and 20. one of them is probably slightly ADD. i find it's easier for me to relate to the one with the ADD. takes one to know one?