View Full Version : If you got a tattoo of a cartoon character...Who & Where?

10-12-11, 06:43 PM
Just for fun,

If you got a tattoo of a cartoon character (or the like), what character would you choose and where would you get it inked?

Of course if you already have one, you can share the details.

ex. underdog- right bicept

Cigar smoking Woody Woodpecker (Mr. Horsepower)- left shoulder blade

10-12-11, 07:06 PM
The first thing that popped in my mind:

Droopy - on each breast

Because as I approach "the senior years and beyond", whichever character I choose will be droopin' anyway ;)

10-12-11, 09:07 PM
Definitely tare panda.

Maybe on the upper front of my right hip, so no one would see unless I showed it on purpose. :p

10-12-11, 09:24 PM
The Joker's face, across my back.

10-13-11, 12:49 PM
I'd post Jessica Rabbit's patty cakes on my patty cakes but they're already twins anyway, too redundant. :p

Same goes for Betty Boop's boop on my boop.

10-13-11, 01:20 PM
you know the scene from alice in wonderland where the dodo bird is leading everyone in song whilst standing on a rock and the tide comes in and goes out and they're still dancing around the rock? i think it'd be fun to have them wrap around my arm.

realistically speaking, however, i have zero tattoos and given my aversion to permanent things...if i ever end up with one you konw it was one hell of a night that concluded with that move;)

10-13-11, 01:28 PM
I am not a tattoo kinda gal. there isn't anything that i have seen which i would want permanently on my body.

well, now making pretend that I was thinking about getting a tattoo..... what would I do... probably something on my ankle with four flowers representing my four children.... small delicate and beautifully done in black no colors. ( that woudllikmit my wardrobe since I would have to then match the colors in my tat :P

10-13-11, 01:34 PM
Sideshow Bob on my lower back. I like the idea of him smirking at a guy while we do it doggy-style.