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09-25-04, 11:44 AM
I want to thank everyone on this forum, especially Piupau.

Before reading and PM-ing Piupau about tics everyone in my family was trying to bribe and tease my son to quit his tics.

Last week took my 10-yr old son to psychiatrist -- it was NOT a pleasant experience, but at least we have a DX.

My main question is Dr. said tourettes is ALWAYS accompanied by vocal sounds, otherwise it's just tics. I think I've read an informative post by Big about this also.

My son has tics, they've been getting worse; teacher, school nurse have expressed their concern. Teacher says a student last year had similar movements and she was DX with tourettes.

Dr says nope, not tourettes without the vocal and no treatment until the patient wants to try meds.

It was an uncomfortable experience all around. Felt like the old movie type doc, with patient laying on couch and doc saying "and how does that make you feel?" Discussing my son like he wasn't there, etc.

One thing that bothered me is doc sounded argumentative with my son "NO you cannot control your facial tics, you can control your arm movements but the facial are involuntary!" "There is no cure for tics, sometimes they go away by age 23, but many folks learn to disguise them".

The Dr. wasn't all bad; it has to be hard to deal with parents and kids who don't want to talk.

No revisits scheduled pretty cut and dried.
Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or experiences on this, thanks in advance!

09-26-04, 09:02 PM
Atlest your doc knew thet tics can be controlled, but also facial tics can to some extent be controlled. You don't have to have vocal and motor tics at the same time to get a dx, you have to have both, but not all at once! Did the doc see any tics?

Maybe you could try to find another doc to get a second opinion. Someone who listens to his/her patients and you feel comfortable with. Also you should check for supplements your son could eat instead of Risperdal or something. Also you could try to avoid milk, milk makes some ppl tic more. I've just recently realized why my dad quit drinking milk when he was 14 yo. (He has undx'd ts)

I'm on another forum too.... I found a great "tic list" on that forum. I was thinking maybe your son might have vocal tics you donšt know of or think about... Don't know If I can make a link about it, but it's from "Brain talk Communities". I'll copy it here. If you want the link, just send me a message :)

The most common Motor Tics are:

eyeblinking ................. 69%
shoulder shrugging ...... 47%
hair out of eyes tic ...... 42%
mouth opening ........... 40%
arm extending ............ 26%
facial grimacing .......... 24%
licking lips ................. 22%
rolling eyes ................ 17%
squinting ................... 12%
hopping-skipping ........ 11%
opening eyes ............... 8%

The Motor Tics generally seen in TS:

closing eyes while driving
sticking tongue out
smacking lips
licking shoulder(s)
biting tongue or cheek
grinding teeth
blowing on hands, fingers, or other
chewing on clothes, paper, hair, or other
eyebrow lifting or scrunching
nose twitching or bending
kissing - hand or others
lip pouting
smelling fingers or objects
teeth clenching and unclenching
tongue thrusting
vertical neck jerking
touching shoulder with chin
throwing head back
head jerking or rolling
jaw or mouth moving
shoulder rolling
extension of arms at the elbow
flexion of the arms at the elbow
flailing arm out or up
arm flexing or jerking
finger tapping
finger moving
hair patting, tossing, or twisting
hand clenching and unclenching
hitting oneself or others
picking at lint
pulling clothes
table banging
tapping objects
tearing books/paper
throwing objects
biting nails
giving the middle finger (copropraxia)
flexing fingers
picking at skin
picking nose
popping knuckles
gasping for breath
stepping backwards
flexing or extending ankles
turning foot
dragging foot
shaking foot
stamping feet
tapping feet
toe curling
walking on toes
banging table
pressing rectal sphincter
pulling at clothes as if too tight
sticking finger in throat
twiddling thumb on nose
whole body jerking
hunching over while walking
buttocks tics
hamstring stretching or flexing
thigh tensing
calf tensing or stretching
back stretching

The most common Vocal Tics are:

throat clearing .............. 57%
grunting ...................... 48%
yelling-screaming ......... 28%
sniffing ....................... 26%
barking ....................... 22%
snorting ...................... 20%
coughing .................... 18%
spitting ...................... 17%
squeaking .................. 16%
humming ................... 10%

The Vocal Tics generally seen in TS:
animal noises
blowing breath out
deep breathing
motor or jet noises
smacking lips
stuttering or stammering
sucking breath in
throat clearing
uneven modulation of voice
blowing noises
calling out
making "tsk," "pft" noises
making guttural sounds
noisy breathing
saying "hey hey," "ha ha"
Syllables; "hmm," "oh," "wow," "uh," "yeah"
talking in character voices
talking in different accents
Unusual speech patterns (Accenting words peculiarly/stammering/using unusual vocal rhythms)

-------------End Quote-----------

10-03-04, 03:24 AM

I am big on believing that a neurologist who deals with movement disorders is the proper doctor to see when seeking a diagnosis. But please make sure he is specialized in movement disorders.

Also, is your child ADHD and on any stimulant medication?

10-03-04, 12:06 PM
I agree to that. I got my dx from neuropsychiatrist. They're specialized in psyhiatric problems and neurological problems and can see the differance between them. My first visit to a doc about my TS was to a neurologist but he saw my fidgeting and decided to check me for adhd too and sent me to a new doc (the neuropsychiatrist) who saw both ts and adhd in me.

10-03-04, 12:26 PM
Wow I totally missed your replies until today, sorry Piupau & Bunny!
The 'talking in character voices, and talking in different accents'
totally rings a bell, he copies cartoon characters and movies, usually as he's watching them.

My psychiatrist also suggested I seek another dx. But I don't really know how it will make any difference since my son is not bothered by his tics, he just wants to be left alone at this point. Will another Dr do or say anything different than 'no treatment until the patient is seeking to try meds to stop tic-ing?

No, he's not on any meds or showing any ADHD traits, just the tics that include arm movements. Dr suggested possible OCD but again until the patient himself wishes to change I guess we do nothing.

I like the idea of supplements, aren't the omega 3's what is related to dopamine, I'm not sure it's all still so confusing to me. But I have been giving him 'fishy' my kid's nickname for these vitamins.

Thanks again for making such a difference in my son's life. Due to this forum and your posts he is accepted and not teased at least in his own home! That to me is very life changing, I cannot thank both of you enough.

10-03-04, 03:29 PM
I had some movieclips on how ts looks.... I'll see if I can find them again and post them here. When I got my dx I sat by my computer and read all I could find about ts. I'll see if I can find them, that will show you how different ts is in all ppl suffering from it. All ppl are unique and also my tics are my tics and your son has his own tics. It might be good for you to see/hear other ppl having ts...

10-03-04, 05:23 PM
Charlie I have some of the changes in voice that got along with my TS. I never realized it existed until not to long ago when someone picked on me Then I did some research and found it. I always had wondered why my voice was never consistent.

Here is a link I posted several months back that shows a guy with severe TS. This link will take you to the section of forums where the posting was creating. It brought me to tears

10-04-04, 12:04 AM
I have voice "problems" too. I can't control the volume. I can SHOUT "BYE!!!" to ppl standing next to me and all the ppl across the room are calling back "bye!" to me... Luckily most ppl think I'm just a bit strange... calling "bye" to everyone when I'm leaving :D I too talk in different accents, ppl usually ask me where I'm from because they can hear I'm not "from here".... I've told ppl I don't know too well that I pick up accents from other ppl and can't resist talking like them.

10-18-04, 04:07 AM

Please read jocks letter!!!!

01-13-05, 09:58 PM
I pick up accents too. People think I am making fun of them if I start to talk like them. I feel bad about it sometimes.


Omega 3 is fantastic! If only I took it consistantly, myself. It is good for skin, hair, eyes, heart, mood regulation etc. Great stuff! It's going through trial in Australia, treating those with bipolar disorder. I don't know if it regulates dopamine or not, but if it contributes to the brain's metabolism, it certainly could help. :)


02-14-05, 01:05 AM
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I have dealt with tourettes my whole life, I first noticed something was up when I was 11 or 12, I am 34 now, and I have always done a good job at hiding it. I just found out a few years ago there was a name for this.
The reason I am just now looking into this further, My 5 year old daughter now has it, and its breaking my heart to see her have to go thru this, as I know how cruel kids can be, and she is so full of life I would hate to see this take away from that. She hasnt been dx yet, I am waying my options and I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
I am just glad that she has me to help her with this, I thought I was crazy or something growing up, and I just admitted to my Mom that I had it.

Someone please give direction, I would hate to put her on meds, but they are getting worse.

03-05-06, 04:13 PM
I am new to this site and i'am scared for my son he is 8 years old and it on 54mg of concerta i have a real hard time getting the doctors to listen to me about his problems sleeping , constipation , loss of appitie and his licking his lips all the time . I have tried allmost everything to stop it but now he has this rash so bad that he has scads on his chin and around his lips . I know more than all most have him healed and then it's time for him to go to school and thats ware it gets the worrest . I tried to get the school to keep some med. lip gloss for him but they say that's not thier job.. please what can i do! I have a doc. apt. for him on monday but like i seid they just will not listen to me. Anything you think might help i will be very thankful

03-06-06, 03:32 PM
Welcome to the forum :)

If you want to ask another question, the best thing to do is to start a new post with your question(s) in the Tourettes section.

At the moment I am having problems of my own and I can't help with yours (sorry about that) but more people (hopefully) will see and respond to your question(s) if you start a new topic with it/them. If you are having problems doing this, just ask me here/PM me.

Hope this helps :)

You may need to wait longer for replies in the co-existing sections of the forum, but you will always get replies eventually (I think :D ) :)

03-10-06, 02:31 PM
That was an interesting list of symptoms -- I didn't know that chewing hair, fingers, pencils, etc was a symptoms (my ADD daughter does that constantly)and my brother has Tourettes.

I do a lot of popping things -- like extend arm from elbow til it pops and even more commonly rotate my wrist inwards until it pop. Is that a tic or something different? I just get this feeling that I need to do it, especially if I'm driving or typing or something with my hands. I also used to type the same phrase and occasionally other words I saw on signs in the air (not where anyone else would notice), though that seems to have fallen off. I definately grind and clench and unclench my teeth to the point where I have to wear a mouth guard at night -- I thought that was just anxiety. I also pop my jaw and neck some. Are these things actually tic and how do you know when it is?

Recently, whether due to being behind on my sleep or stressed, I'm not sure, I've been having more sounds from my throat -- it's involuntary and I don't even usually know it's coming until after I've done it. Sometimes not even then until someone else mentions it. I kind of open my mouth (other times it's closed) and the back of my tongue does something in my throat that makes a noise -- not words or anything, but a gulcky sound. Does that sound like a vocal tic or Tourettes symptom? It's not problematic enough to get treatment, but I am wondering about it, especially since it's been pretty frequent this week, although it is a long time on going thing.


03-13-11, 09:27 PM
The list was interesting. I do a lot of those...more than i realized! Does anyone remember that Pepsi commercial that aired a couple years ago where everyone was constantly yawning....I had to stop watching TV while it was on because it drove me insane and caused me to yawn over and over for hours...ugh!

03-30-14, 06:42 PM
Ok, so I'm not diagnosed with Tourette's, but I can make quite a list of things that I do.

Alot of this stuff is familiar with me, not ALL of it, per say, but

Motor Tics :

vertical neck jerking (neck stretching? recent)
finger tapping (I used to do this one ALOT)
hand clenching and unclenching
flexing fingers (inwards, I've been doing it recently)
picking at skin (nervous habit)
poking (I do this to others but usually to people I know only.)
popping knuckles (nervous habit)
shaking foot (This one I do alot, sometimes consciously)
tapping feet (Automatic action)
hunching over while walking (I hunch all the time so it probably doesn't count it could be I just have bad posture)
back stretching (recently I've been doing it alot)


humming (especially since I'm a singer I can't help it)
clicking/clacking (especially when I'm nervous or just bored)
noisy breathing (I'm asthmatic though so maybe I can rule it out, but it's ALL the time and then I get really self conscious >.>)

I used to take Adderall for 6 years. I'm 18 now.