View Full Version : Kitsap County (Bainbridge/Poulsbo/Silverdale) ADHD Docs/Coaches?

Chuck Connors
10-15-11, 04:36 AM
There seems to be a lack of ADHD Dr's/Rn's and ADHD coaches in Kitsap County (Bainbridge/Poulsbo/Silverdale). Can someone send me a link(s) with any information or provide any recommendations? Thank you.

01-01-12, 09:51 PM
There's not much over there, but in seattle/bellevue, there's lots, if you're able to take the ferry (only a few bucks)

I'd highly suggest Ron Sterling, over in bellevue. It's about an hour trip including the ferry, but when it comes to medical treatment, I'd prefer to go further for better care.