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10-16-11, 01:58 AM
My son who is almost 14 was diagnosed with ADHD and PDD. Now he has had a food addiction since he was about 7, he used to sneak entire packs of lunch meats to his room and eat the entire package in one setting that is when he was 7 or 8. Now at 13 he will continue to say he is hungry no matter how much he has ate as long as he sees more food left or available to eat.
I have been aware of the food addiction for awhile so I try to monitor that.
The tough part is his ped. said he has lost 15 pounds in a little less than a year. After several tests ruling out parasites, etc. it was found he is otherwise healthy so that leaves the Vyvanse, he has been on it about two years at 60mg.
He is eating enough calories, around 2000 and is homeschooled so has very little exercise but keeps losing weight. His ADHD is very severe and because of his low IQ and autism related symptoms taking him off the meds isn't an option. I don't know if another medication would be better or if they all have this effect. Perhaps there is a high calorie shake that could help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

10-16-11, 07:38 AM
Does he get therapy for the addiction? Any addiction can benefit from therapy and finding the route or source of the addiction. Sometimes it's anxiety too. As far as weight goes my son used to lose weight and struggle to maintain weight. I used to give him protein shakes in whole milk and mix in carnation instant breakfast into yogurts and puddings etc. He didn't know anything extra was in there and it helped give him extra high quality calories then junk food. In the beginning I thought I would just give him whatever fatty crap that would add weight but after careful thought I realized it was about quality not quantity.

10-16-11, 09:21 AM
Depending on his size and activity level, he might need well over 2000 calories at his age. Maybe 2500 or more, it's hard to say... Is he under, over, or normal weight now?

Maybe get a scale to use at home and track his weight over time? The appetite suppressing effects of stimulants diminish over time, and he's probably close to a growth spurt anyway. To gain 1 pound a week, about 500 calories extra per day.

11-01-11, 08:32 AM
He is eating enough calories, around 2000 and is homeschooled so has very little exercise but keeps losing weight.

I was reading a book on medicine describing a woman who was losing weight and it was very difficult for the doctor to figure out why. A physical explanation was arrived at; he had a gastronomic disorder that was hard to diagnose. The doctor who found it, wasn't the first one she'd been to. He was however the author of the book.

Good luck. :(

In terms of calories, I drink cola to increase my appetite sometimes but you feel he is eating enough?

06-16-12, 03:39 PM
:D Ensure are good supplements and were given to my mother when she was losing weight for no reason. Also the weight loss shakes in between meals have vitamins as well as extra calories. Theu were recommend to me when i was losing weight after gastric bypass surgery. Hope this helps a bit and good luck!

06-17-12, 07:25 AM
When it comes to autism spectrum disorders and food, often regular techniques don't always work.

I'd also recommend checking out wrong planet forums. There are a lot of adults with autism who help, some of who may have been through simlar things to your son.

10-02-12, 03:34 AM
Food disorder problem is very serious so you should discuss this problem with your doctor. Have you already discussed this or not? Reply must. Don't worry. Everything will be fine.