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10-17-11, 10:53 PM
Well, my Psychologist who specializes in Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD.. etc.. has evaluated me a couple of weeks ago, and I apparently have all of the tendencies of ADD, and a little bit of Hyperactivity, but only sometimes when I get bored easily or when I'm around my friends or feel happy. lol. I don't ever get extremely hyper, though. I'm basically always too drained to do much...but I definitely am very unorganized, and can not pay attention without daydreaming...I have to take notes and stuff in order to actually learn something, or get something out of a reading. I drift off when I read, and it seems as though I'm just lazy. I'm also hard to get up in the mornings...metal exhaustion maybe? Always tired, wanting to fall asleep in class all of the time.. but anyway, I'm seeing my Psychiatrist Thursday, and am asking for advice to tell psychologist has, I assumed, already talked to him about OCD, GAD, ADD, Depression...but what do I tell him if she's letting him know all of this stuff we talked about? And what if my ADD meds I might get don't work for me?

10-19-11, 08:05 AM
Hi johorenee

Good luck in finding your way!!!

If meds don't work for you or if they have aspects you dislike about them, there are lots of other tools a person can try. Meds are not the only solution. They are ONE solution and apparently they work for a lot of people.

Your descriptions sound similar to me but ADHD does make self memory pretty bad.