View Full Version : How much Klonopin / Ativan / Xanax have you taken at one time / in one day?

10-19-11, 09:52 PM
AT one time: Klonopin: About 4-5 mg with 7.5 mg Zopiclone at one time

In one day: About 10 mg Klonopin with 22.5 mg Zopiclone in one day

10-20-11, 06:30 AM
Abi you're like super benzo man! When I used to take xanax I was prescribed 3mg a day and I could not function unless I could sleep all day. I was prescribed klonopin once for a sleep disorder at 3mg and I walked all over the house drooling plus it had such a long half life I felt like a moron for 3 days.

12-01-11, 07:12 PM
1/2 .05 tab 2 x day then whole tab at bedtime

12-22-11, 02:00 PM
Adding an extra dose of benzo very quickly raises your tolerance, I don't like to do it even despite being allowed to. If i take an extra on any given day, the next day or two when i just take my regular amount, I can feel subtle withdrawal for a couple days thereafter... Very careful about the benzos. Though with klonopin im very lucky. after 2 years on a daily dose never exceeding 2mg, I have yet to show any sign of tolerance-withdrawal, also known as "taking the same dose everyday but developing withdrawal symptoms anyway". Short acting benzos like lorazepam and alprazolam seem most likely to offend this way and I wouldn't ever take those long term.