View Full Version : Dexidrene with Tenex= Awesome

10-21-11, 01:19 AM
Like words can't express the calm I feel with this combo..... I am not emotionally numb as before. Dex is different than Vyvanse for me... More calm.

10-21-11, 09:38 AM
and your taking tenex at night , in the morning , what dose? this is new , been on it ...what?

Old School MBD
10-21-11, 12:33 PM
On the generic (guanfacine) and love it!

And the price is right too!

10-21-11, 12:36 PM
When do you take that at night?

10-22-11, 03:54 PM
I don't take it at night. Been taking the dex waiting 30 minutes then taking tenex it. Works fantastic for me. I'm not anxious at all. >.>

10-29-11, 05:41 PM
Looks like the guy behind you in your pic is digging in his nose! LOL

But seriously, glad its working for you and HOPE it does for me too. (Fingers crossed)