View Full Version : ADHD to ADD

10-21-11, 10:59 AM
When I was a kid I was very active, and had really bad attention problems. I have always had a motivation to do better then anyone else at anything, don't know why. Never did any of the teachers recommend me to get tested for ADHD, and my parents still don't believe I have it. Well, this school had a problem. The "planning room" was more fun then class and had a really nice lady in there. You can probably already see where this is leading, I would purposely get in trouble just to be able to chill in there. I was in 3rd or 4th grade, I was exceptionally good at math. My problem solving skills are very good.

Through out middle school, the "planning room" was more strict. No talking, no moving around. Which is what lead me to believe that I went from ADHD to ADD. I learned to be quiet, not always everywhere. But it could also be I started staying up on the computer and depriving myself of sleep, which lead to many sleep disorders. The main one is not being able to set a sleep pattern(forgot what it as called).

Freshman year of high school felt way EASIER. Even though straight Ds and they had to make exceptions for me without being diagnosed with anything. I would do almost all the homework, at the end of each quarter for each class and make myself really stressful. Sophomore year, harder but way more fun. The classes were more interesting and fun, but I still was unable to do homework. I could pay attention because it was interesting.

I have been trying to keep a sleep schedule, but I lose track of time when I am on the computer. 5PM can turn into 2AM.