View Full Version : Abilify and extreme sleepiness (slept for nearly 24 hours)

10-22-11, 05:48 AM
I've been on Abilify 2mg for about a month (in addition to 40mg Adderall, 20mg Lexapro). My p-doc raised me to 4mg a couple days ago, and it's made me so sleepy that today I slept for 24 hours straight. Not even my regular dose of Adderall could wake me up. I would compare it to how I felt on Remeron. Even after such a long sleep, I still feel tired and groggy.

At 2mg of Abilify, never felt sleepy, in fact, I would have said I was sleeping a bit less due to some night sweats it seemed to be causing.

Even if this extreme sleeping goes away after a few days, I still can't afford to feel groggy during my waking hours (which was my experience with Remeron). I will try taking Abilify before bedtime tomorrow and see if that helps.

This is strange and disappointing, considering I felt Abilify at the low dose of 2mg seemed to have a slight mood improvement effect for me. Maybe I should consider upping the Lexapro instead?

Anybody know anything about this issue?

10-22-11, 03:47 PM
I have been on 30mgs. daily of Abilify for the past 5+ years.I guess I'm pretty lucky in that the Abilify hasn't give me any side effects.When I first went on it I remember getting a little drowsy but other than that I've done really well on it.It has stopped all the severe mood swings that I was having & has really helped with the depression & anxiety that I suffer with.I also take Paxil 60mgs daily.I now feel really good & I don't suffer anymore because of the Ablilify.Good luck to you.

10-23-11, 04:28 AM
rub it in some more why don't JK JK

yeah, I called my P-doc and left a message. i'm really surprised no one else has had this reaction to abilify because it was very significant for me. maybe this board just has lower traffic.